Pix We Love: Domestic Cats Out in Nature, Looking a Little Wild


Today is Nature Photography Day. Traditionally, it’s a time to observe the wonder of the natural world around us as portrayed through the lens of talented photographers. That’s cool and everything, but this is Catster — so it means we need to up cat quota of any nature photos to get into the party. Thankfully, cats on Instagram are more than willing to help.

Taking the high ground

Image via Instagram

Cat up a tree is a classic interaction between a feline and the natural world. Check out this upwardly mobile chap demonstrating quite perfect perching skills as he surveys the terra firma down below.

Green paws

Image via Instagram

Horticulture is a large part of the outdoors scene — and this feline shows a fine nose for nurturing some raspberries. The matching collar adds a sense of style to the occasion.

Always creepin’

Image via Instagram

As a kid, I was told that dock leaves were a natural remedy for the effects of stinging nettles. Our studious-faced feline subject here knows that they can also double as an excellent natural hiding spot.

It’s Eevee!

Image via Instagram

Remember Eevee? She’s a professional camping cat who embarks on outdoor adventures with her human. The steely look in her eyes and agile balancing ability lets you know that she’s totally at ease with exploring the intricacies of the world around her.

And here’s Kate!

Image via Instagram

Kate is another cat who we’ve profiled on Catster before by virtue of her outdoors skills. She’s an accomplished adventure cat and loves to experience serene bucolic environments.

Next stop, Calico Creek

Image via Instagram

Behold this calico cat, a creek, and some evocative dappled lighting. The scene is so naturalistic you can almost hear the gently burbling water.


Image via Instagram

We humans love to chase sunsets in order to share them with our followers, and cats are in on this act too. The use here of a human as a selfie stick is a masterful touch.

Keep trying

Image via Instagram

Finally, spare a thought for those domesticated indoor cats who get to venture outside on special occasions (many of which are also visits to the vet). As you can see with our long-haired pal here, successful naturing is a lot harder than it might appear.

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