Pets Pay Dearly for Owners’ Mistakes: Part 3.


Many, if not most, tragic trips to the vet are completely avoidable.

Consider a cat I treated recently. He spent much of his time outdoors.

I have railed against allowing cats outdoors time and again on this blog. But just in case you missed it: if you allow your cat to go outside, you should not be surprised when something bad happens to him.

Strangely, owners always do act surprised when they bring their mangled outdoor cats to me for treatment. This cat had gone missing for three days. When he came home he was not using his left rear leg. The diagnosis: a severely displaced left femoral fracture. The largest bone in his body was very badly broken. He probably had been hit by a car, but maybe he had fallen from a fence or roof or been caught and shaken by a dog. There are countless ways for outdoor cats to break their legs.

On the bright side, his injuries weren’t fatal. Sadly, this sort of fracture can be repaired only with surgery. Surgery is expensive. And let us not forget the severe pain and suffering endured by the poor cat. All of the pain and all of the expense were completely avoidable.

There is no doubt that many cats enjoy going outside. But they’re up to no good when they’re out there. Even when they aren’t looking for trouble, trouble has a knack for finding them anyway. Please, for their sake, keep your cats inside.

Photo: I see a trip to the vet in the future.

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