Skeezix Exclusive Exposé On Goma, The Himalayan Cat

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. I’m so ixsited, I cood wet my pants! One of my best frends and Catster, Goma, is going to be on Animal Planet’s Cats 101 this weekend! Goma is a hard-werking kitty in Vermont hoo not only has his own blog, but also makes videos and deezines snowbords (FUN!) — all this, and he’s not even 2 yeers old! (And, he is impressively furry. I bet yoo cood make 100 cat hair handbags out of his furs!)

Goma (whooze name meens “Sesame” in Japanese) gets assistance in his endevvers frum his mom, Sachie Tani, hoo admits to being a crazy cat lady. On her blog profile, Sachie says, Imagine your typical cat lady and multiply her to 100. Sachie is a talented grafik deeziner hoo introdoosed Goma to the werld with her grafiks on Burton snowbords and children’s wear, and even a Goma cartoon on the Flip Mino camra (see right). How cool is that?

For the Cats 101 segment, the TV crew spent 12 howrs watching Goma and Sachie at home and at werk. They even filmed Goma bike riding in a backpak to work with Sachie at the waterfrunt. Imajine riding a bike! Goma duz EVRYTHING!

When Sachie first met Goma, it was love-at-ferst-site. He was the ugliest in the bunch and the runt of the litter, “a little ugly duckling,” she says. (Hmmm, I wuz an ugly runt, too!) Born in Japan, Sachie says that if her visa expires and she needs to return to her homeland, she could never leeve Goma. “He is my baby,” she purrs, with a crazy cat ladey sparkle in her eye.

Eva Sollbergerger profiled Goma and Sachie in the popular “Stuck in Vermont” series, wich yoo can watch heer:

Currently, Goma is giving away orijinal Sachie-deezined teeshirts on his blog! Heer are two of the GRATE deezines:

Hop over to his blog for deetales on how to enter! (And hoo notist that my speshul frend Daisy is playing the keybords in the top deezine???)
I can just tell that Goma is going places! Watch his nashunul TV daybyoo on Animal Planet Saturday nite at 8pm so that yeers frum now yoo can say yoo saw him win he wint on TV for the vary ferst time!




[VIDEO CREDIT: Eva Sollberger]
[PHOTO CREDIT: Sachie Tani]

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