Moo’s Musings: Cats Don’t Do Time Changes


O HAI! It’s me! Moo! My turn to blog today!

Mom did something silly this weekend and I don’t get it. She changed her clock and decided she wanted an extra hour of sleep Saturday night. MOL. An extra hour.

Silly mom. Cats don’t do time changes. I tried to tell her that Sunday morning and every morning since. Just because the clock on the nightstand says it’s a different time doesn’t mean the clock IN MY BELLY says so.

For some reason, though, she doesn’t understand that. I go to her at regular time (I don’t care what Nightstand Time says!) and try and get her up. Breakfast time! But she just shoos me away or pulls the covers over her head and faces the other way.

MOL. That’s like a challenge to us kitties! So I paw at those covers — and her face! — until I get breakfast.

And I get breakfast. On my time, like it’s supposed to be. We are on Moo Time here, not whatever silly time you humans are on.

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