Our Monday Miracle is Riley, a Kitten Who Was Almost a Meal for Maggots


How do you feel about maggots? How would you feel about being left abandoned in a field and with maggots attempting to feast on your fragile body? Well, that’s the grisly fate that befell Riley, a two-week-old kitten who was discovered struggling to survive by a member of the Texas-based Long Way Home Adoptables and Friends rescue organization.

The condition the young scamp was found in doesn’t make for sunny reading — a detailed breakdown of Riley’s ailments includes being “covered in maggots, dehydrated, constipated, pale, shivering, and [with] what appears to be a prolapsed anus.”

Riley was on the cusp of having his many maggots begin to burrow into his skin, and it was touch and go whether he’d even make it to the local emergency room in time for a rescue mission.

Against many odds, though, the adorably dinky kitten showed some plucky chops and took amazingly well to his recovery — despite being so young that he didn’t even have teeth yet.

Once Riley had been cleaned and spruced up, it was also discovered that he had white feet — they were just so dirty and clogged up with dirt before that they looked black!

Now Riley has managed to snag a loving forever home and is said to be a lively and talkative little scamp.

To get more information on Riley’s story (including a bunch of exceptionally icky maggot pictures), check out the Long Way Home Adoptables and Friends’ Facebook page.

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