George, Happy in His Home, Wears the Scars of an Attack


Let’s get directly to the point: The first thing you notice about George the cat is his very distinctive face. He’s cross-eyed, he has some scars, and he possess a set of brilliantly wonky looking fangs. George’s visage is the result of being attacked by another animal — which might have been a raccoon — while he was a homeless kitten. But after bouncing between a few rescue grouops, he has settled into his forever home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Image via mycat_george Instagram

Recounting George’s history, his human, Kaitlin, says she already had a couple of “less adoptable” boys (the distinguished Thumbs and Mr. Belvedere) when she decided to increase the household’s clowder to three. A web search led her to one-year-old George. She fell in love with this black-and-white cat instantly.

Image via mycat_george Instagram

Kaitlin took George home on a foster-to-adopt basis — and a scant two days later the situation became permanent. But it wasn’t until a few weeks later when Kaitlin discovered the extent of George’s story.

Originally, the shelter informed Kaitlin that George was a survivor from a hoarding situation. But when she entered him in a photo contest on Instagram and he emerged victorious, other cat owners and local activists began messaging her with more information about George’s history.

Image via mycat_george Instagram

“I still don’t have all the details,” she recalls, “but from what I understand, George was attacked by an animal — some say a raccoon — when he was a homeless kitten. A kind couple saved him and nursed him back to life before other rescues stepped in to find him a forever home.”

Talking about George’s lasting injuries, Kaitlin says part of his lip is missing, and his eyes are crossed — which might be a consequence of the animal attack, or he simply might have been born that way.

Image via mycat_george Instagram

In terms of daily feline activities, George experiences heavier that usual breathing, and his eyes get goopy. He also has impaired depth perception, which results in his being a cautious cat when it comes to footing.

“George won’t just jump on the couch or the bed,” says Kaitlin, “he investigates first. So he’s not as poised as most kitties, but he gets along just fine.”

Image via mycat_george Instagram

While patrolling the homestead, George sometimes doesn’t seem to notice the goings on around him quite as quickly as the other cats he lives with — which means he often misses out on the vital times of treat sessions. (Kaitlin adds that in those cases she’ll hand feed him.)

Image via mycat_george Instagram

Since George became a beloved fixture of the household, Kaitlin has increased the number of cats living with her to five. Talking about stepping up and adopting the less adoptable, she says, “These cats come with a little more love to give. They have more to lose than a typical cat because of the fact they are labeled as different. But they seem to come into my home with gratitude, purpose and joy.”

Follow along with George’s adventures over on Instagram.

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