Millie the Cat, Stuck in Tree for Six Days is Finally Rescued


Millie the Calico, stuck 40 feet up a conifer has finally been rescued after spending nearly a week in the tree. She’d been chased up by another cat and found herself unable to get back down to the ground.

Despite attempts to coax her down with food, she remained tree-bound.

The RSPCA and the fire brigade were contacted to assist in the rescue, but they could not put up ladders due to an interference by telephone wires.

Owners Donna Bracken and Simon Marsh finally called in a scaffolding team.

Bracken said: “She’s only a young cat and had only been let out of the house for a week before this happened.

“We’ve had her for just eight months and she’s a bit new to everything.

“We only found out where she was when we heard her crying. We tried coaxing her down with food and thought she might come down herself but by Wednesday we had to call in the RSPCA.

“They basically couldn’t help but phoned the fire brigade for us. They couldn’t get their ladders up because of some nearby telephone wires but sprayed her with their hoses instead hoping she would come down.

“Millie just curled up into a ball and stayed there. She wouldn’t budge.

“We then called in a tree surgeon who got three-quarters of the way up the tree and managed to grab Millie. But he lost his grip of her on the way down and she shot even further up the tree.

“He tried again to climb up the tree and get her but couldn’t get to the top because the branches are so thin.

“On Thursday the RSPCA came out again and called the fire brigade but they said there was nothing else they could do.

“It was suggested we get a scaffolding team as a last resort. We tried one but they wouldn’t turn out and then a local firm Speedy offered their services free of charge.”

On Friday Marsh climbed the scaffolding to try and catch Millie.

Millie was visible at the top of the tree and could be heard crying, but even though she was offered a plank on which to walk to safety, she wouldn’t budge.

15 minutes later he descended without the cat.

A short time later, the scaffolders decided to try a more traditional approach and Dean Sedgwick (photo, right) climbed the tree by the trunk and brought a struggling Millie down with the help of family friend Scott Walshaw.

Both men suffered scratches on their arms as Millie fought all the way to the ground.

Mr Sedgwick said: “As I went to grab her she moved a little bit more and I had to climb a bit more. In the end I just grabbed and got her.

“Even after six days up there she put up a fight. She’s certainly feisty. I hope I’ve made the family happy. When I got up for work this morning I didn’t think I would be doing this. The last time I climbed a tree was when I was about 16.”

Here’s video of the rescue:

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Bracken said: “I’m over the moon. The scaffolders were absolutely brilliant. Millie’s grounded for good now. She’s tired and I think she may have hurt her foot but we’ll take her to the vet for a check-up now. We normally don’t let her out.”


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