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Meet Romey, a Mischievous Cat Who’s Part Sheep, Part Turtle

Meet the captivating Devonshire Rex with a sweet tooth whose humans swear he's an alien.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 27th 2016

Romey is one of the most eye-catching cats you’ll come across while galavanting through the feline social media circuit. This Devonshire Rex sports a mix of curly fur and a nearly naked neck and belly. It’s a look that has some followers speculating that he might hail from another dimension. (Some might say he looks rather Poodle-like.)

With a little help from Elisabeth, Romey’s dutiful human, here are some interesting bits from his story.

The making of Romey

“I always had cats growing up and couldn’t imagine my life without one,” says Elisabeth, “so when my boyfriend and I moved in together, I knew I had to adopt.”

There was only one problem: Her boyfriend was allergic to cats.

Romey, 11 years old, offered something of an exemption, though. The Devon Rex is believe by some to be a hypoallergenic breed, and while that’s not strictly true, the breed is recommended as one that’s easier on people with cat allergies.

Despite being told by his foster family that he was “very very unfriendly,” the cat immediately took a liking to his new humans.

“Of course, the second we sat down to meet him,” Elisabeth says, “he waddled over and began to paw at me while purring — it was love at first sight!”

Once Romey had declared himself king of his new forever home, he also apparently ate his adoption paperwork “so that he couldn’t be returned.” Smart tactics.

Tricking for treats

Elisabeth quickly discovered that Romey is one very clever and inquisitive cat. She says his nighttime shenanigans include “putting his paws in our mouths to test if our tongues stay wet while we sleep.”

After teaching him to stand and beg politely for dinner, Romey has also turned the trick into a ruse to “manipulate us out of treats all day long.”

He’s got the look

Let’s address the way Romey looks. There’s no denying that this is one intriguing feline. As Elisabeth jokes, “I call him my nudie-neck.”

She adds that Romey has “curls for days,” but that his neck and belly are almost completely bereft of fur.

“I think the most commonly used description I’ve seen is a cross between a sheep and a turtle,” she adds, “but I’m pretty sure he’s an alien.”

Hop along now

If you scoot through Romey’s Instagram pictures, you’ll quickly discover that he also lives with a rabbit named Benny. Elisabeth says that while the bunny loves Romey and likes to hop after him to initiate playing, “Romey isn’t having any of it.”

She adds, “They are fed treats together every day in hopes that one day they will become BFFs, but progress is slow. Baby steps!”

Taco Tongue Tuesday

When it comes to his hashtag kicks, Romey is all about celebrating Taco Tongue Tuesdays. Expanding on his taco cravings, it turns out his ideal fillings would include the sweet-tooth smorgasbord of doughnuts, cake, ice cream, frosting and Cheetos.

“It’s said that cats don’t have the ability to taste sweet,” explains Elisabeth, “but Romey’s appetite for cake speaks to the contrary.

“Traditional tacos are great, but icing is a cat’s best friend!”

Mosey on over to Romey’s Instagram account for more footage of his curious comings and goings.