Meet Miles: Still Going Strong at 20!


Hey, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today is a vary speshul day: my best frend Miles’ 20th berthday! I cawt up with him between naps to discuss his secrits to lonjevity, and to find owt how he will be marking this milestone.

Skeezix: Happy Berthday, Miles! To what do you attribute your lonjevity?
Miles: Good food, lots of water, and my people taking good care of me when I got sick or stressed. Also, I think tabbies have good genes.

Skeezix: How are yoo planning to sellubrate yer berthday?
Miles: The usual way with naps! MOL! I got a tie for a birthday present from my nephew Fido. What was he thinking? So I had to pose for a picture in it and I HATE the flashy thing on the camera.

And Ive been promised scallops for my birthday dinner from my favorite Chinese restaurant. Thats all I really want.

Skeezix: Man, I hate that flashy thing, too! As you look back on your long life, Miles, is there anything you regret not doing?
Miles: Not really. Ive had biological kittens and adopted kits. I was meowrried to Murray until he went to the Rainbow Bridge and we were very happy. He still visits when he can. And I lived in 3 houses since I found my furever family and made one trip to Grandmas house on the farm.

Since Murray left, I am the alpha cat, so my lifes pretty good. (Dont tell him, but I was the alpha cat before he left too I just let him think he was.)

Skeezix: Are thare still sum things yoo’d like to accomplish in yer life or have yoo done it all?
Miles: Well, Ive got a new relationship with Catster Jacob (right), so I want to stay around and get to know him more. Were very discreet. And I hope it doesnt offend Catster readers but I want to increase gay cat awareness.

And Im determined to be at the wedding of my daughter Phoebe and Gimme! I love teasing Gimme because he calls me Mr. Miles Sir which cracks me up.

Skeezix: What stand out as some of the hilites of yer life?
Miles: Being adopted by my furever parents. I was so nave I didnt know there were homeless cats until I became one. And I was lucky I found the perfect home quickly (or it found me).

Joining Catster and making new friends and adopting extended family members like my nephew and son-in-law Fido. Everycat on Catster was so kind when Murray left and I was depressed. Thats when some of my strongest relationships with Rocky Ann and Hondos family and Gimmes family were formed.

I taught all the new additions to the family to run back and forth in our old house. I would take the puppy or kitten upstairs and run up and down the hall with him or her. I dont run as often anymore, but my son Murray kept the tradition alive by teaching Harry how to run back and forth in this house and they do it every morning. Im very proud my legacy will continue.

And there was the time Kramer and I climbed into the walls of our old house. MOL! We didnt come out for 24 hours and we were very dirty when we finally did.

Skeezix: Whats a typical day like for yoo?
Miles: I get up at about 10:30 and have breakfast, some water and use the litter box. Then I walk down the hallway to say good morning to Phoebe and get a little exercise. I look out the door to see if the squirrel is in the tree.

If its sunny, I spend the afternoon in a kitchen chair or the cat bed by the window to be in the sun. If not, I use Dads bed for the afternoon to nap.

When Mama eats, if the food smells good, I beg for a bite, walk down the hall again, and then sleep on the DVR until bedtime. At bedtime we get our bowl refilled, so I eat some fresh food, have some water and use the litterbox again.

Then I sleep right next to Dad with my chin on his arm. Unless Allie crowds me out of that space. Then I move to his feet.

Skeezix: Do you have any age-related health problems?
Miles: I have cat arthritis in my back legs so I dont jump on the high cabinets anymore because Im worried Ill fall. And I sleep in the sun as much as possible because that makes them feel better. Also I walk up and down the hall at least twice a day to stretch them out.

Skeezix: What’s yer faverite groop on Catster and why?
Miles: Best Friends because it gives me a chance to help homeless cats. I am an administrator, but we have been slow in rejuvenating the group. At the holidays most of the cats who would be donating were donating for Muppets surgery. So weve taken a break from the fundraising for a bit.

Skeezix:On yer profile page, I notist that yoo got sum new beds frum Cat in the Clover. I know thoze are reely grate beds … how are they to sleep in?
Miles: They are wonderful and soft! They are up on the table because I sometimes mistake a bed for the litterbox if the bed is on the floor. *blush* I do get a little confused sometimes since my 18th birthday, but not too bad.

Skeezix: Hey, don’t feel bad, we all have litterbox issues at one time or anuther – at my howse, I’m known as the Jackson Pollock of poo. What advice can you give to other cats who are inching up on the 20-yeer mark?
Miles: Drink lots of water even if you dont feel like it. Too many cats have kidney problems. If Mama thinks Im not drinking enough, Dad makes chicken bullion for me because I will always drink that. A water fountain is a good idea too because the filter takes the chlorine out of the water. Try to eat a good quality cat food because it makes a difference. Take an interest in something, even if its just looking out the window! And, of course, use nip in moderation.

Skeezix: That’s good advice, Miles! Thanks fur taking the time owt of yer bizzy napping skedule to chat with me, and enjoy yer berthday!

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