Meet Lorcan, a Brave, Blind Warrior Cat From Ireland


Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_27Editor’s note: At least one photo in this post might be too intense for some readers. Discretion advised.

The name Lorcan has Irish origins and means “one who is a brave warrior.” It’s a fitting designation for this week’s Monday Miracle, who was rescued from a perilous condition in County Mayo in Ireland. That was four years ago. Now this sterling black beauty is prospering and more than living up to his name.

On July 21, 2011, when Lorcan was around six weeks old, he was one of 17 cats and kitties living in a colony near a woman’s home. He was discovered by the Mayo Cat Rescue and found to be suffering from an extreme eye condition.

Images via Facebook.

Describing the extent of his ocular injuries, Maureen O’Malley-Gibbons from the rescue organization says, “His two eyes were completely infected and full of pus.” She adds that the cause of his condition was probably an eye infection that had never been treated and instead allowed to worsen. Ick, indeed.

Images via Facebook.

Picking up the next stage of Lorcan’s story, Maureen says, “The day he was rescued he had an operation on his eyes and the vet wasn’t sure if he would survive — but he did.”


“Lorcan has been a brave warrior ever since, taking blindness in his stride,” Maureen adds.


Now safely living under Maureen’s care at the Mayo Cat Rescue, Lorcan is developing with fine feline aplomb. Talking about his personality, Maureen says he is “loving, mischievous, and determined,” and also very enthusiastic about snuggle and cuddle sessions on a lap. He’s also a fan of the ancient ritual of the tummy rub.


As for mischief, she says, “not as much now but very much during the first couple of years, climbing trees or getting stuck on top of presses and not being able to get down. But he was just doing what all cats do. … His determination to be a normal cat and not be limited by his blindness is very endearing and has taught me a lot about animals.”


So with the fourth year anniversary of Lorcan’s rescue recently passed, how did he celebrate? “Eating, sleeping, climbing, purring, playing and a special treat of some cooked fish or chicken,” says Maureen. “I usually give him an extra cuddle and tell him what a wonderful cat he is too.”


To help celebrate Lorcan’s anniversary, head over to his Facebook page and send him some well wishes.

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