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Meet an Amazing Member of Our Catster Community in this Excluxive Interview

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. A vary speshul Catster frend and role model of mine, Guido the Italian Kitty, needs a talent agent and we can help make that dreem come true for him if we act fast.Β Guido puts the “OH!” in Overachiever. At the tender age of two he’s alreddy been a Catster Cat of the Day, has a job with Animals As Therapy, he’s bin on TeeVee and gotten scritched by game show god, Chuck Woolery, he’s done a foto shoot with werld famous foDOGgraffer Mark Rogers, and he publishes his own newsletter. Phew! AND, he mite alreddy be a millionaire! I think I’m gonna let him pick up the tab.

Sinse Guido lives in San Fransisko, I met him at a North Beech kaffay ware we enjoyed a cupple of catpuchinos, sum Campari, and a catnip cigar or two.

Skeezix: With a name like Guido, do you live in North Beach?

Guido: Nope, but I can see North Beach from my Nob Hill view.

Skeezix: Were you named after Father Guido Sarducci?

Guido: No, il mio amico, I was named Guido after my great Grandfather who immigrated from Italia.

Skeezix: You were honored as Catster’s Cat of the Day on July 7th, 2008. How did that change your life?

Guido: Well, I awakened to 219 emails and had a kitty cardio tack! Being COTD gave me new meowster friends and theyre absoluticatilly meowvalous!

Skeezix: You were adopted at Maddie’s Pet Adoption Center, which is run by the SFSPCA. From the photos, it looks like every room is like a room at the Ritz: very posh! Did you hate to leave?

Guido: Theyre fantasticat folks at Maddies and the kitty condos rock with aquariums and TVs, but I was ecstaticat to find a new home. Id had 3 homes in 61 short days a rocky start for the Italian Kitty, and when I found my Momma at Maddies, well it was a molto bene moment!

Skeezix: You werk in an Animal Assisted Therapy program. Tell me a little about how you got involved in that and what you do. Any advice for cats interested in getting involved in AAT?
Guido: My Momma tossed me in her bag one day to visit an elderly lady who was not too healthy I seemed to perk her up so Momma inquired to SF SPCA and they have a cool program for AAT that visits 30,000 people a year. I love my job and I go every other week to visit persons with Down’s Syndrome hey theyre just like us but just not as agile. They make me purr. I had to go thru some tests (incredicatically, they stretched me out and brushed my hair the wrong way and did little pokes here and there) to be sure I was a comfy kitty around people in public — I passed 4 paws up – hey, Im Italian what did they expect! You can make a difference in a humans life too, so check to see if your local humane society or hospital has a program for visiting animals.

Skeezix: On your Catster profile, there’s a foto of you with a ginny pig. Tell me a little about that. Is he yer ginny pig, or just a frend?

Guido: He lives in another City. Thats Stanley who is in Animal Assisted Therapy, too, but they dont make a “Certified AAT Animal” vest that will fit him like mine does (I can even ride the bus for free in my vest!). He and I created quite a stir at an AAT event people furget therapy work just isnt for the doggone great canines!

Skeezix: You also publish the Guido Gazette that goes out evry Monday. How long have you done that, and how wood interested cats sine up?

Guido: My paws have been pounding out The Guido Gazette for 2 years faithfurly every week and Ive never catnapped thru a deadline yet! It goes all around the meowvalous world every Monday and its a great way to start your day the Guido way. Subscribe your paws here. Its PURRivate and we PURRtect your privacy well.

Skeezix: What is it like to be fotograffed by the famous dog and cat foDOGgraffer, Mark Rogers? I think I wood freeze up when he pointed the camera at me, cuz it wood be like an Annie Lebowitz Vanity Fair foto shoot! Were you nervous?

Guido: Its good to be best buddies with your PURRfessional photographer and Mark Rogers is a catzowey guy! His camera lens is about as long as me. Im not nervous when we do photo shoots cuz Mark talks cat chat to me. My whiskers never wiggle when working with him as he keeps me calm and being Italian thats not easy to do!

Skeezix: If I wanted to Start My Day the Guido Way, what wood I do?

Guido: Do some aerobicat exercises and lap up a Catpuccino with extra heavy crme!

Skeezix: Recently, you were one of eight contestants on Meow Mix’s new game show “Think Like a Cat” and akshully got to meet game show legend, Chuck Woolery. I know we have to wait until the show airs to see wether you won or not, but could you give us some insites as to what it was like? Did you get to hang out with Chuck Woolery in the green room? What network will the show air on?

Guido: HEY SKEEZIX! You can be the first one to do the announce this to the world! Ive not talked about it on the Guido Gazette yet! Here’s the straight poop – it’s Meow Mix’s “Think Like a Cat” show and it airs on November 15th on the Game Show Network (GSN).

I was one of 8 Catestants (me and my Momma too) were flown to Hollywood and we cannot let the cat out of the bag as to if we are the Cazillionaire winners of the $1 million. But I can tell you a highlight was having Chuck Woolery – all 62 of him, come into my purrivate dressing room and interview me while I was catnapping on the bench in my Hollywood styled shower! Chuck was meowvalous, hes a dog dad and kept complimenting me on my handsome self – now that made my whiskers wiggle! Green Room?? No way – thats for amateurs! We all had our very own PURRivate dressing rooms – with litter boxes, food (Meow Mix of course), and momma had brought my favorite Italian Flag blankie so I felt at home. Chuck wanted to stay all day and play but he had to get going – hes a fantasticat guy and we seemed to bond – you know, 2 handsome dudes!

Every day we got limod to the TV studios and had to report our paws bright and early as theres a lot of work that goes into a game show. Id usually have my breakfast at the Studio in my dressing roomPURRivate dining and gave me a chance to get revved up to play the game and win the $1 million!!

Skeezix: Wow! What a glamorous life you leed! Currently, yer in the Star Pet 2008 Contest to get yerself a talent agent. How’s that going?

Guido: There is another cat trying to catch my tail and the contest only goes till Oct 13th so Id like to put that cat into his litter box!

Skeezix: When do you have time to nap?

Guido: Nap? Whats that? A good catnip pizza gives me gusto and fuels me for the day.

Skeezix: Well it’s been grate spending this sunny afternoon with you, Guido! Good luk with gitting a talent agent!


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