Cats…They Just Won’t Quit Horsing Around!

In Medford Oregon, Lucy the Cat (above) has surprised her owners with her horseback antics.

Lucy reportedly loves to ride and sit on horses “Joey” and “Danny.” Her owners theorize that she craves attention and engages in this behavior to be in the spotlight.

Scott Sinner said, “We were feeding the horses one day and she climbed up from the other side and ended up sitting on the horse’s back. And she’ll go for a ride now and then.” She’s often discovered asleep atop Joey or Danny in their stalls.

Well, even though this story made the news, horse-cat friendships are nothing new. When I was a kid, we frequently took our blind Siamese cat Freda (right) for pony rides (looking back, I wonder what she must have been thinking!). And there’s no shortage of cats-on-horses photos. You might even say that cats and horses are a PURRfect match!





PHOTO CREDIT: Symbiotic Host


PHOTO CREDIT: Designer Genes