Ask a Cat Lady: How Do I Stop Mats from Forming on My Cat?


Personally, I don’t have too many matting problems to maintain. My pink hair is so soft and manageable. Oh yeah, the cats … They are good kids in that department. I’ve never had to deal with mats, but here are a few tips I have gleaned. Mats aren’t just an unsightly nuisance for cat owners, they are also pretty uncomfortable for the cats. When the undercoat loosens and isn’t brushed out, it can tangle and knot within the fur. Ungroomed mats can eventually cut off circulation to the skin and cause lesions, infections, flea infestations, or even maggots. Yum.

You can prevent these delights by brushing your Fluffernutters every day. This really is the best method of mat prevention. Try and make it special time for Fluffernutters, so she makes positive associations with grooming.

In the case of small mats, you can work them out with a little powdered corn starch or talcum powder and a brush or comb. Some people say you can use olive oil, but that just sounds like a mess for you, Fluffernutters, and your upholstery.

If the mat situation is out of control, you may need clippers or a professional. According to Earthclinic, it can be hard to judge where fur ends and skin begins. This is a good reason to steer clear of scissors! Clippers are a safe bet, but you may need a buddy to help since the sound might make Flutterbutts nervous. Yeah, I decided her name is Flutterbutts now. If you have any more tricks and tips that work for you, please holler back in the comments!

“Groom That Kitty” by Sarah Donner


It is common for a cat who is fluffy to get mats
With your help they can combat
Get those chunky clumps really flat
Every day, just brush their hair
Then your fingers won’t get stuck in there

When they start shedding, groom that kitty
Once the undercoat loosens, it’s not pretty
A mat can trap dirt and debris
Untreated, it can lead
To cutting off oxygen
Lesions and skin infections

On the supermatted fur, seek out a professional
Smaller mats can be worked with some powdered corn starch
Or use clippers — it’s safer for the their skin
Don’t use scissors, you could cut them
And just like a child, it’s hard to bend that will
You may have to bribe them to get them to sit still

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