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Luscious Locks: Meet the LaPerm


Are you all about that #messyhairdontcare life? Then you’ll fall head over heels for the luxe LaPerm — a fancy feline with locks as luscious as her lovable personality!

1 What’s in a name?

Named for her unusual, wavy coat, the LaPerm originated on an Oregon farm in 1982 as the result of a spontaneous mutation. The first LaPerm, a cutie called Curly, was bald at birth. As time went by, she grew a coat of soft, curly fur from the top of her head to the tip of her tail — a look very similar to a high-priced perm.

2 Curly — or straight

Do they all have curly hair? Funnily enough … they don’t! While LaPerms are known for their curly ’dos, many are born bald or short-haired, and maintain sleek, straight locks their entire lives. In fact, curls typically don’t show up until they are 2 or 3 years of age.

LaPerm cat
During kittenhood, LaPerms often go completely bald — a process that starts at 2 weeks of age. The first four months of life bring them various states of baldness. As they grow older, their coat typically returns and will take on the appearance of the original texture — curly, straight or somewhere in between.

3 One of a kind

Each LaPerm coat is 100% unique. Some coats are wavy, while others feature ringlet-esque curls that range from tight to flowing corkscrews that give them a majestic air. The tightest curls typically appear on the underside of the body, with bushels of curls popping up on the throat and at the base of the ears.

4 Love me!

LaPerms crave human contact — they love being petted, cuddled and cradled. They can frequently be spotted reaching for your face with their paws and rubbing their faces against your head, face and neck — their own version of giving kisses! Anything you can do, the LaPerm wants to do with you. Taking a seat on the couch? Even if she’s in the middle of playing, she’ll abandon her activity to keep you company. Collecting ingredients in the kitchen for tonight’s dinner? She’ll perch above you and supervise the process. LaPerms can sense your presence and immediately start purring when they become aware of your whereabouts — like a kitty version of ESP that ultimately ends in cuddles!

5 Not for the allergic

Although that ’do definitely gives off a no-fuss-no-muss, hypoallergenic vibe, those luscious curls don’t represent an allergy-free zone. Feline allergies are related to cat dander, not cat fur, so LaPerms are no less allergy inducing than their feline soul sisters.

6 Looks can be deceiving

You would think that coat needs a ton of grooming, but LaPerms just require a typical once-a-week comb through to prevent matting and tangles. Aside from that, she’s pretty much a self-cleaner. She may occasionally go through a heavy shed, which results in a thicker coat than before, and some (but not all) LaPerms actually molt, ending up with a thin coat that never truly returns to its ‘before’ state — but overall, she’s not what you’d call a high-maintenance gal!

LaPerm cat

7 Family friend

The LaPerm may have working cat roots, making her an excellent mouser, but she loves attention and will return affection in a heartbeat. She loves to interact with guests, will adore being fawned over by the youngest of family members and even gets along with cat-loving canines!

8 A serious player

Clever and resourceful, LaPerms love to be challenged during play and will never say no to a large assortment of perches, shelves and trees.

9 Feline hitchhiker

Remember the bit about LaPerms loving attention and affection? Well, they love it so much that they’re often found hitching a ride on the shoulder of their human. Don’t be surprised if she climbs you like a tree to settle herself on that shoulder perch or if she hops down from up above giving you a funny fright. It’s just another reason to love the LaPerm!

5 thoughts on “Luscious Locks: Meet the LaPerm”

  1. One issue about a cat who licks itself a lot or almost compulsively is the fact they may be doing so because of arthritis. We had that experience with an adult we took in who was thought to be about 4 years old at most – she licked constantly and if you tried to put your hand between where she wanted to lick , she would nip your hand if she could not push it out of the way !. Upon help by professionals and veterinarians, she was diagnosed with arthritis pain and put on medication and her temperament mellowed out, she quit the over licking and became a mellow, sweet, loving gal she had been in her previous years. Her arthritis was mostly in her back hip joints and base of tail area. She is great now

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