Live from Guido’s: the Meow Mix Pawty!


Catster Reporter Skeezix Blogs Live From Contestant Guido’s House During The Premiere Of Meow Mix’s Think Like A Cat!

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. I’m blogging live frum Guido’s house, and we’re abowt to watch to see if he wins $1 million! Pikcherd above, Snuzzy is helping Guido put on his tie, and the next foto is da grate Ted Rheingold, Mr TF and Snuzzy with Guido. Stay tooned!!!!

6:30pm | Are yoo watchin’? It’s vary exciting. Guido’s mom is reegaling us with lots of backstage gossip. She says that Chuck Woolery is the nicest guy EVER and he’s the dad to a cupple of pugs.

6:37pm | Oh krap. Guido didn’t make it out of rownd one, wich was a reely lame-o game. So we’re rooting for Abby, hoo’s mom was reely kyoot. A reputable source tells us that the lady frum Portland had lots of tatts all the way down her arms, so they made her ware a stagehand’s jakkit to cover them up. The stagehand’s jakkit was NOT kyoot and the lady frum Portland didn’t like it.

6:45pm | Abby got eliminayted, but she wins $15,000. We’re not ixzaktly pikking the winners tonite!

Guido’s mom sez that nobuddy on the produkshun teem had a cat. Can yoo beeleeve that? Now the vegan guy frum Florida is compeeting for the $1 million.

6:48pm | Grrreta, I shode DGTR yer “super hero hare” comment. He was laffin an laffin.

6:56pm | Well, the vegan guy frum Florida didn’t win the million buks. Maybe next yeer one of us guys can win!!!

7:04pm | Now we’re gonna eet Eye-tall-yun food!!!!

8:49pm | Wow, I’m full of cannoleez and stuff. I had a good vizit with da grate Ted Rheingold (Catster’s Top Cat), Snuzzy, and cellebrity foDOGraffer Mark Rogers (with hoom I did a foto shoot with earlier this week). We all agreed that Guido was robbed! Guido was VARY ixsited that owr grate Catster frend Toulouse even upgraded his cable pakije so he cood watch Guido on TV. Thanks, Toulouse!!!

A speshul big thanks and lots of sandpaper kisses to Guido’s Mom, hoo is DA BEST! She kindly invited all us Catsters into her home and gave us unlimited access to Guido. She was vary upbeet even tho she didn’t win the million buks. She sed it was a fab expeerience, and she made lots of new frends with the other contestunts, and staying at the Hotel Palomar and gitting limo-ed arownd and being on TV was the Cat’s Meow.

Tomorrow I’ll have more FABulous fotos frum tonite’s festivities!

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