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Cool Cats, Literally: Lékué Classic Cat Ice Cube Trays

Put cats in your drinks without having to deal with fur. Or really angry kitties.

Holly Tse  |  Oct 18th 2012

If you’re ready to entertain in high-flying feline style, we’ve discovered the purrfect party accessory. L├®ku├® brings its Spanish design to American shores with fun, fanciful, and functional kitchen products. We’re inspired to start planning our next fete with this awesome cat-shaped ice cube tray.

Imagine the delight of your cat-loving friends when they notice a feline ice sculpture twinkling in their glass. We’re betting that this is one punch glass that’ll pack a lot of punch — and start conversations stirring.

Made from soft rubber, these flexible ice cube trays let you pop out your cat-shaped ice cubes quickly and easily. The tray is cat shaped as well, and available in two cool cat colors — an ice white cat and a mysterious black cat, perfect for Halloween revelry.

And dog lovers don’t have to feel left out. L├®ku├® also makes a Scottie dog ice cube tray in red or black.

If you can’t wait to be the coolest cat on the block, you can find L├®ku├® ice cube trays online at many leading kitchen supply retailers and Amazon.com.