Kansas Cat, Missing for 15 Months, Will be Heading Home from Illinois


On Dec. 13, 2008, Graham Murdock’s nephew, Matt Murdock, was coming through Springfield, IL with his family along with their dog and a cat named Griffindor. They were on their way from Kansas to their new home in South Carolina and took advantage of their travel route to visit Graham and his wife, Ednita.

As Matt was carrying a baby inside, the dog suddenly bolted into the home, causing pandemonium, A terrified Griffindor dug his claws into Matt.

Matt gasped, writes Graham, the dog entered, the cat bolted, all in a flash. He ran out the door, across the yard, hurdled the fence and disappeared into the cold night.

Griffindor was gone. The family searched for about an hour, but in vain. Before turning in, they placed food, treats and a warming pad outside Grahams house in case the cat returned in the middle of the cold winters night. He didnt.

They looked for him again the next morning before Matt and his family had to leave without their cat.

Graham, who lives near Washington Park gave his neighbor — who walks the park — a description of the cat, and she promised to watch for it.

About a month later, the neighbor called. She had found Griffindor. Graham and Ednita discovered their neighbor huddled in the bushes holding a huge cat.

We immediately called our nephew and his family, says Graham, They were excited. I asked them to e-mail me a picture and we would just confirm that he was the one and only. After all, stranger things had happened.

Alas, he wasnt Griffindor.

But where was Griffindor? He was at Geralyn Beveridge and Jeannie Mitchells house, only the two women didnt know it.

Not long after Matt and his family left for South Carolina, a stray cat showed up at Geralyn and Jeannies home, about a mile from Grahams house. They fed the cat, got blankets for him to sleep on but kept him outside because they have a dog. They named the cat Meow Meow because when they would meow at the cat, he would meow back to them.

It was a beautiful, long-haired cat, but its fur was matted and tangled. Jeannie who is allergic to cats by the way is friends with Sandy Davis. Sandy is well-known in Springfield for caring for feral cats and other animals.

Sandy does a tremendous amount of things for animals around here, says Jeannie, and she does it out of her own pocket.

Recently, Jeannie called Sandy about this stray cat theyd been caring for. Sandy took the cat to the Animal Protective League shelter to be examined and to have its matted fur shaved off. There, they discovered the cat was neutered and had been implanted with a microchip. They ran the information from the chip and discovered the owner the Murdocks in South Carolina. The Murdocks were contacted with the good news that, after 15 months, their pet cat had been found.

Graham says Geralyn and Jeannie, along with Sandy and Donna Vaughn, who helped get the cat examined, are everyday heroes.

There are extraordinary people among us, he wrote, and we dont always recognize them. They do things for us that take time, dedication and money. They ask nothing in return for themselves.

Graham is going to drive Griffindor to South Carolina where the cat, a Maine Coon, will be reunited with the Murdocks and their children.

Its kind of a neat story, says Jeannie, and through it I met a lot of neat people. And one very fortunate cat.


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