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Now is the Perfect Time to Adopt a Feline Friend by Participating in Adopt-A-Cat Month

American Humane proudly announces that June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, so there’s never been a better time to head on over to your local shelter or animal rescue and adopt a feline friend.

The effort is sponsored by 9Lives cat food and its very own Morris the Cat. Morris himself was rescued from a shelter in Chicago in 1968 by Bob Martwick, so the fact that 9Lives has become a household name is due in part to the kind act of adopting a pet.

Why is adopting a cat such a great idea? American Humane provides this list of reasons:

* Having a cat reduces your blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease
* Having a cat fights depression and loneliness
* Cats are entertaining to watch and fun to play with
* Cats provide companionship
* Cats will cuddle up with you on a cold evening
* Cats are independent and can be left alone while youre at work
* A cats mere presence will ward off unwanted mice and pests
* Cats are comfortable in small spaces like apartments
* Cats are very clean; they bathe themselves!
* A cats purr is instantly calming and relaxing
* Cats are affectionate
* Just 15 minutes a day of playing with you will satisfy a cat
* Cats are easy to house train, especially adult cats, who are probably already house trained
* Cats bring a little bit of the wild into your house
* Indoor cats and spayed/neutered cats live long lives, providing up to 20 years of companionship
* Cats are cheaper to spay/neuter than dogs, especially big dogs
* Taking care of a cat can help teach a child responsibility and humane values
* Lots of cats need good homes; when you adopt one, youre saving a life!

For more information about cat adoption, contact your local shelter or animal rescue center, or click here to go to the American Human website.