Is Your Facebook Timeline Full of Cats?


Is your Facebook timeline full of cats like mine is? I was just going through mine (I’m in the middle of a job search, so I want to make sure there’s nothing too crazy on there) and noticed that it’s probably 85 percent cats. And that’s a conservative estimate.

If it’s not something catty I’m posting, it’s something a friend has shared on my wall, or a picture I was tagged in. There might be more cats than people on my Facebook wall!

And then I started wondering: How many cat pictures and cat videos can one person actually look at in one day? I am constantly on Facebook (surrounded by cats), on Twitter (reading tweets about cats), catching up on my favorite blogs (all cat blogs, by the way), and pinning pictures on Pinterest (of … wait for it … yup, cats).


I mean, I do sometimes share about my trips to the gym (I’m one of those people who go first thing in the morning every single day), pictures of hot shoes, or something else random that I love, but it really is mostly cat stuff.

Oh, and you know what? I LOVE IT.

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