Is it Safe for Cats to Walk Outside on Harnesses?


My kitten, Simba, likes to go for walks on his harness. We have only gone in my backyard where there are 3 dogs. Can he pick up feline leukemia in public places like a park? Can he pick it up in my backyard?

Las Vegas, NV

Simba can contract feline leukemia in your back yard. It’s not very likely to happen, but it absolutely is possible. He also could contract the virus in a park, or in any outdoor area.

Leukemia can spread when cats share food, water, or litter areas. Simba can catch the virus without coming into direct contact with any other cats. The dogs in the back yard can not spread the disease.

If you want to walk Simba outside, you should discuss vaccination against leukemia with your vet.

The outdoor world is horribly dangerous place for cats. Keeping your cat on a leash will help protect him from many potential hazards such as cars, dogs, and fights with other cats. Remember, however, that a leash will not protect Simba from every potential hazard out there.

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