Celebrity Radio Cat Wiffler Thanks The Cat’s Meow Readers


Hey, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

I am hoping to interview lots of werking cats around the globe this yeer, and my first interview is with Wiffler the Cat, who werks at Radio Station WFLR in Dundee, NY in the Finger Lakes area up neer Rochester and Sirrakyooz (not far frum ware Miles and Sammy Meezer live).

Wiffler is no stranger to The Cat’s Meow. Last week, Cat’s Meow reeders answered his plea to frend him (and WFLR) on Facebook in a challenge with other local radio stations. WFLR vowed that if they won, they wood give the money to two local shelters. I’m prowd to say our reeders worked hard to put Wiffler over the top to beet the other local radio stations, and two shelters will benefit frum the win.

SKEEZIX: How did you chooze the shelters in Yates and Schuyler counties to be the beneficiaries of yer win?
Well, the radio station I live at, and really am in charge of, serves both counties. Every month, I have a show called “Wifflers Corner” and we have representatives from both shelters on for 25 minutes to talk about upcoming fundraisers and other events and news regarding their shelters.

SKEEZIX: At what point did you and yer frends at WFLR feel like you mite akshully win the challenge?
A couple of months ago, I overheard the guys talking about how they would overcome all odds to win this contest and they did. I dont think they ever doubted they would win because they wanted to help my friends at the local shelter so I knew all along we would do it!

SKEEZIX: How did you sellebrate yer win?
Well, the first thing I did was roll on my back so I could get my belly rubbed.I received a lot of pats on the head and even a few kitty treats . My friend Pat, from our local Post Office, even came in and gave me a few treats for our hard work. I know the guys were very happy when the results were officially announced Monday!

SKEEZIX: How much money will be going to the shelters?
Both shelters will receive $250.00

SKEEZIX: How long have you been the station cat at WFLR, and how did you git the job?
Well, on September 8th, 2009, I was dropped off along with a few of my siblings along Main Street in our village. I found the radio station and climbed underneath its front porch as I was only 4 weeks old..The next day, my new family found me as they heard my meows for help. After some convincing from them that, they would be my friends, I finally came in and I havent left since. Im sooooooo happy here, but Im sad because I dont know what happened to my sisters and brothers.

SKEEZIX: What does it take to become a really good radio station cat?
Well, the most important thing is to be friendly to all of our guests and believe me, thats EASY. Im very quiet when the guys are on air and its also important for me to not lie down on the buttons..I also lie on Lucas Days hands when he reads the news in the morning and I will climb on Mike Smiths lap and the back of his neck when hes playing all of the country music hits!!

SKEEZIX: Do you live at the station, or do you git to go home at the end of the day like all the other employees?
: I live at the station and have 4 heated bedrooms, and plenty of windows to look out of. Theres someone here everyday from 6 a.m. until 8 or 9 p.m. They keep me company and always check up on my food, water and litter box to make sure Im all taken care of. This is my new home and I LOVE IT!

SKEEZIX: Do you have any tips for cats looking to break into the business as a radio station cat?
Well, I hope other cats find as loveable as a group of people that Ive found at my station. Also, its important to be friendly to all visitors that come in and to not meow when the microphones are on. Its also important to find some good, comfortable chairs to sleep on too.

SKEEZIX: Do you have groopies?
Oh, I have fans of all shapes and sizes from all over. I do tend to run a lot quicker to the front office when I hear a female voice though and make sure I rub up against their ankles more..the ladies always rub my chin so nicely

SKEEZIX: Do yoo wear any kyoot clothes to keep you warm during those cold Rochester winters?
No clothes for meI have a nice, thick heavy coat, plus the guys keep it very warm here at the station. I also find places to lie down near equipment that might have a fan with it that blows out warm air. I also love to lie down on some of the winter jackets the guys throw on their chair for me. Sometimes, the guys will bring in a little snow for me to play with.boy is it COLDso glad I dont have to walk around in that in the winter time!!!

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Skeezix: Thanks, Wiffler, for taking the time for this innerview. Yoo know, Flat Skeezix wint to New York three times last yeer, so maybe he can drop in and meet you sometime!
That’d be great! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE TIME and ALL YOU AND YOUR READERS’ HELP with our contest!!!!

Yoo can still keep track of Wiffler via Facebook. Click here to friend him!

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