Guess What? It’s Always Independence Day for Cats


My beloved cats live the life of Riley. Free from the nine-to-five grind, with no worries about bills or rent or debt, they make their way through life with abundant napping, predictable food supplies, a roof over their heads, and lots of soft places to bask in the sun.

Cats are designed to be independent creatures. They socialize whenever they please and do what they want. If you think you can train a cat to behave exactly the way you’d like them to — well, you’ve got another think coming.

No matter what you do, I can almost guarantee that your cats will seek out the highest and most impossible-to-reach place in your home and camp out there, most likely when you’re getting ready to take them to the vet.

Of course, some cats get the urge to be helpful. If you’re not sufficiently enlightened, you might think your little Lola is being a naughty cat, but a well-trained human will know better. Siouxsie, for example, enjoys assisting me with the laundry — especially when that laundry is hot and fresh from the dryer.

A side bonus of their independent nature is that cats are expert supervisors. Thomas is always ready to check my work when I’m writing my blog posts. But Thomas isn’t just supervising. He’s helping, too. He knows how important it is for me to take regular cat petting breaks to avoid developing a repetitive motion disorder.

Cats will take heat whenever and wherever they can get it. Judging from the heat-seeking behavior in my home, cats get special bonus points when their heat source is in front of their person. One of Siouxsie’s favorite resting spots is on top of my Mac Mini, where she not only gets heat but a gentle vibrating massage.

Cats don’t recognize individual ownership. Everything belongs to the feline collective — except when one cat decides to own everything. Last year I bought a special bed for Siouxsie in hopes of providing some relief for her achy bones during the cold Maine winter. Two days after I brought it home, Thomas and Dahlia staged a “coup de cat” and seized the throne.

But the most wonderful thing about cats’ independent nature is that when they choose to show you affection, you know that affection is unfeigned and straight from the heart.

Do you love the independent nature of cats as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

Photo Credits: Top photo of patriotic kitten via Shutterstock.

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