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These past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful for me. I listed a bunch of reasons on my other blog, but I won’t rant about them here, too. Instead I’ll just say what I really think: I wish I was a cat.

Cats have the best lives. Especially our cats. To anyone reading this: I know your kitties have great lives.

I want to be a cat. I want my biggest care in the world to be whether my can of food for dinner will be tuna or turkey, and whether it’s dinnertime yet.

I want my biggest decision of the day to be whether I should sleep on the bed, on the couch, one of of my four cat beds, or just sprawl in the middle of the floor.

I want to play with all my toys all over the house and just leave them there. Someone else will clean up.

I want to hear the alarm clock go off, watch my human get up, look at her like she’s crazy, and go back to bed for five more hours.

I want to have no stress, no bills, no work, no due dates or deadlines, no meetings, nowhere to be, and no time to be there by.

I want to lie in sunpuddles all day without a care in the world.

How about you? Seems like the perfect life to me!