How to Add a Cat to a Kid-Friendly Family


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Yoo know, no famly is complete without a cat or a dog. Owning one will help teech yer kids responsibility and compassion. But how do yoo interdoose a cat into a howsehold with kids, dogs, and/or other cats?

Planning is key to a suksessful introdukshun into yer house. Ask yerself the following qweschuns before yoo adopt:

    • Can yoo afford a cat? During our current ekonomik crisis, a lot of peepul are relinqwishing cats they can’t afford. Don’t be one of them. Clik heer to get an estimate of the costs of owning a cat.
    • Are yer kids mature enuf to care for a cat? Always assoom yer gonna be the one hoo ends up taking care of Fluffy. Do yoo have the time*, payshunts and inclination to do so?

  • What purrsunality type should yoo get? Do yer kids want a frisky cat hoo loves to do nuthing but play? Or a qwiet, affektionate cat hoo will keep them company wile they study?
  • How do yoo think yer dog wood react to a cat? If yer dog is the type hoo charges cats evry chance he gits or tends to play ruff, a cat is probly not a good idea. The truth abowt cats and dogs is, they do not always coexist peesefully. My big bruther Mao wood have a nerviss brakedown if he had to live with a dog.
  • Ware will yoo be in 20 yeers? A cat can be a 20-yeer commitmint. If yer kids are teenagers, that meens yoo’ll be responsible for caring for the cat for most of her life, and yoo shood chooze a cat that yoo’ll enjoy win yer an emty nester.


It’s impurrtant to inklood yer kids in the cat selekshun process. Assign them the task of reserching breeds, and get them involved in assigning cat care chores. Most importantly, when yoo go to the shelter to adopt yer new cat, take the kids with yoo. They’ll bond with the cat and conseqwently take a grater intrist in yer new famly member.

Once yer new cat is home, give her time to git accustomed to the new surrowndings, peeple and other pets. Read The Humane Society of the United States’ tips on interdoosing a new cat to yer dog(s). Heer are sum tips on interdoosing the new cat to yer kids:

  • Teech yer children how we cats like to be handled… and more importuntly, how we DON’T like to be handled. Don’t pik us up by the skruff of our neks. Insted, support our bak legs in one hand and use the other hand to support our chests. Hold us jently but securely close to yer body. Don’t pull our tales. Keep in mind that many cats git overstimulated on thare baks, so teech yer kids to be careful win yoo tuch us thare. Reed this grate artikle abowt how to reed yer cat’s signals fur help on knowing win yer about to git bitten.
  • Always snoopervize yer kids around yer new cat. This is espeshully importunt 1) Win yer cat is new, cuz we can git nerviss in new places, and mite hiss or bite if we feel threttened, and 2) If yer kids are yung and excitable. Threttening behavior can inklood cornering us, chasing us, sqweeling or showting, or petting inappropriutly. Yer kids need to understand that it’s importunt to act CALM and QWIET arownd us, and yoo should be arownd to make shur they don’t forget.
  • Don’t let yer kids disterb us win we’re eeting or sleeping or using the litter box. PRIVACY, pleeze! Can yoo krap with sumwun lookin’ at yoo?
  • Don’t let yer kids play ruff with us. Cuz they’ll regret it. Win yoo play ruff we wip out our weppons: teeth and claws. And we’ll win evry time. Insted, play with us using cat toys. They don’t even have to be ixpensive toys: I’m happy with a paper bag, a big box, or a long piece of string.
  • Don’t let yer kids teeze us. It’s not nice. Make shur they understand the diffrinse between teasing and playing.
  • Teech yer kids how importunt it is to keep us indoors, so yoo don’t have to teech yer kids how to hold a cat funeral erlier than yoo otherwize wood. If yer kids are at an age ware they and thare playmates are always running and and out of the house, make shur evrybuddy knows to keep the cat inside.

Heer are a few extra adopshun tips:

  • Do yer homewerk. Do yoo rent a home (and does your landlord allow pets)? Do yer kids have the rite tempermint for cats? How much time to yoo have available to care for a new cat*? Figyer this out before yoo adopt.
  • If yoo have a dog, adopt a cat hoo has lived with a dog.
  • Consider adopting a speshul needs cat, like one with FIV. It will teech yer kids an importunt lessin in tolerance and compassion. Theeze cats can leed long helthy lives, but are diffikult to find homes for and most often are euthanized by shelters.
  • Consider adopting a pair of cats insted of just one. When yer kids are at skool, yer cat will have an aktivity partner, and cats with buddies are often happier cats with fewer behavioral problems.
  • Consider adopting an older cat insted of a kitten. Yoo’ll have a much more accurate insite into the cat’s purrsunality, wich can be importunt win integrating a cat into a famly, espeshully a family with yung children.
  • Spay/Nooter your pet. Beleeve me, yer cat won’t miss his grapes and he’ll be more mellow and less aggressive. And it purrvides yoo with an opportoonity to teech yer kids abowt responsible pet ownership. Letting Fluffy have a litter of kittens so yer kid can watch the miracle of berth is irresponsibul. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretikly purrdoose 420,000 cats. Most will end up in shelters and be euthanized; most of the rest will end up in feral colonies and die from accidents and dizeaze.
  • Join Catster. It will give yoo the oppertoonity to discuss integration problems with cats and peepul hoo’ve gone thru it themselfs. Membership is free.Adding a cat to yer household is just abowt the best thing yoo can do fur yer kids. If yoo do yer homewerk, yoo can ensure that the integration will be suksessful, not sukky.

    Lern more abowt selekting cats for a kid-friendly home:


    * Yoo shood feed yer new cat abowt a million treets a day. This will make yer cat like yoo a lot. Yoo need to set aside a LOT of time to do this.


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