Housecat Housecall Returns for a Second Season on Animal Planet


Episodes of Housecat Housecall will air over a 12-week period on Saturdays at 10:30a.m. E/P with weekly encores each Sunday at 8a.m. E/P beginning June 6th.

Cats have once again solidified their position as America s favorite pets by proving that a show dedicated entirely to their well-being can successfully break through the canine-dominated television world. Housecat Housecall, one of the first feline reality-based programs, is returning to Animal Planet on June 6 for a second season after capturing the hearts and minds of cat-loving audiences around the country.

The weekly show, presented by Purina Cat Chow, profiles cat-owning families as they work with host Dr. Katrina Warren, BVSc, and her expert team, which includes Purina Cat Chow Mentor and Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Karen Sueda, DVM , and Dr. Rich Goldstein, DVM, to resolve their most pressing feline matters. From unruly behavior to lifestyle adjustments, Housecat Housecall features real cats, real people and real veterinarians working through a wide range of common cat behaviors.

Housecat Housecall provides cat owners with valuable cat care information that they can apply to their own relationships with their feline friends ultimately helping them live a more connected life together, said Dr. Katrina Warren, BVSc. For the series, we profile twelve families dealing with a broad range of real-life kitty concerns in an effort to relate to as many cat owners as possible. We are excited to bring the show back for a second season and provide even more cat owners with actionable solutions for bringing harmony back to their households.

Episodes of Housecat Housecall will air over a 12-week period on Saturdays at 10:30a.m. E/P with weekly encores each Sunday at 8a.m. E/P beginning June 6th. In each episode, Dr. Katrina visits two cat-owning homes, observes the cats in their natural environment and recommends appropriate plans of action for improving the situation.

Covering everything from quirky cats with a lot of energy to more complex matters like helping a once outdoor cat adjust to its new indoor lifestyle, Housecat Housecall gives cat owners the knowledge and tools they need to create a well-balanced home life for the whole family, including the cat. The show recognizes that cats can exhibit lots of behaviors that add to their unique charm, but when the antics move from endearing to challenging, then its time to bring in the professionals. Led by Dr. Katrina, the seasoned team of cat experts on the show relies on tried-and-true methods for enabling cat owners to work towards the solution thats best for them in the long-term, and not just the one that will offer the quickest resolution.

The second season of Housecat Housecall really takes an in-depth look at very important questions that current and potential cat owners face on a daily basis, said Dr. Katrina. Life-changing experiences like having a new baby or being diagnosed with cancer can have a huge impact on cat owners, but these events can also mean big changes for their cats. Our goal for Housecat Housecall is to help cat owners work through any perceived challenges, so they can realize the true joy of having feline companions and experience the power of unconditional love. We know that cats and their owners can help each other live a better life if given a chance.

For cat owners seeking even more credible advice beyond the show, they can visit to find practical solutions for their individual feline situations. The website allows cat owners to share stories about their own quirky felines and gives them access to Purina Cat Chow Mentors, cat care specialists who are available to share helpful advice any day of the week, at any time. The site also provides show information, bios on the families and episode air dates.

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