Holiday Season Poses Risks for Cats


Dr. Barchas,
Happy Holidays! But it won’t be a very “Merry Christmas” for our family. How do you keep your cat away from the tree?! We’ve tried EVERYTHING! He likes getting squirted with a squirt gun, and the “Stay away Cat Spray” doesn’t work with our five-month-old kitten! We can’t put up the tree, because it’s always down by the morning! DARE we even put ornaments on it? Double sided sticky tape around the tree? He hops over it. An electric train, TACKLES it. An
electric collar……inhumane. Aluminum foil, HE PLAYS WITH IT!!! Help me with my holiday crisis, that many others are having!


A Cat Climber’s Owner.

Covington, KY

There is only one solution I can see. Place the tree in a room with a door and keep the door closed. Do not allow the cat into the room.

Cats that play with Christmas trees can injure themselves when they knock trees over. They may damage property. If lights are plugged into the tree, the cat may electrocute itself or start a fire.

And, although the vast majority of cats make it through the holidays without incident, people with feline friends should be aware of a couple of other holiday hazards.

Ribbons on presents are tempting playthings for cats. However, a swallowed ribbon may cause the intestines to bunch together. The condition can be fatal without surgery. Ribbons and other so-called linear foreign bodies were discussed in a previous post on feline hazards.

Finally, if your cat likes to chew on plants don’t buy mistletoe, poinsettias, or lilies. All are toxic.

About the photo: Sassy seems to be looking for trouble!

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