10 Cat-Themed Stocking Stuffers for the Entire Family

Angie Bailey  |  Dec 11th 2014

Christmas presents are great and all, but I’ve always been partial to stocking stuffers. There’s something mysterious about a giant fuzzy boot-shaped bag holding all kinds of little trinkets and treasures. In our family we wrap all the stocking stuffers, thus extending the precious gift-opening process.

Honestly, I think you have to be a more creative gift-giver when it comes to putting together stocking stuffers. They have to be smallish in size, yet perfect for the recipient. I found 10 cat-themed stocking stuffers to suit members of the entire family.

1. 2-pack Kitty Earphone Jack Plug

This reusable, rubbery plastic plug ($2.21) comes in a few kitty-designs. It’s cute and protects your earphone jack from dust, water or any weird substance you like to spend time with. It works with iPhone 4/4S/5, iPad, iPod, HTC and Samsung.

2. Dashboard Cat Buddha

This hard vinyl Dashboard Buddha cat ($6) loves to meditate in sunbeams, which makes your car’s dashboard the perfect spot. He’s five inches tall and bounces on a metal spring. Normally cats don’t like riding in cars, but this guy’s all about the Kar-ma. Ha.

3. Emergency Meow Button

Because sometimes you need more than just an “Easy Button.” Sometimes something is a little more of an emergency, and what’s more urgent-sounding that a loud “MEOW”? Cats can make anything sound like a full-blown crisis. Your cat doesn’t need batteries, but this button ($12.03) does, so plan accordingly.

4. Cat Silhouette Money Clip

You spend a lot of money on your cat anyway — why not let this hinged, cat money-clip ($10.99) hold your fat stack of Benjamins … or Washingtons?

5. Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons

First of all — how cute are these? These measuring spoons ($12.95) are sold by Animal Rescue Site Store, which means all purchases help feed shelter animals. They have stainless steel handles and are dishwasher-safe. I know I’d be happy to have these paws all over my kitchen counter.

6. Hello Kitty Bandages

Let Nurse Kitty take care of your boo-boos! This sweet little tin ($3.96) holds 20 Hello Kitty bandages, which I think are appropriate for any member of the family — even Grandpa!

7. “The Kids” Cats in Clothes Buttons

I just love Heather Mattoon’s “Cats in Clothes” stuff, and these little buttons ($6) featuring the adorable young ‘un characters of Margaret, Morris, Elyse and Brewster. Margaret is my favorite — I think she looks like my Phoebe.

8. Fabric-Button Bobby Pins

I love a nice bobby pin in my hair, especially when it’s all buttoned-up with a cute kitty on it. The buttons are even made of imported Japanese fabric! Ohhh … fancy! ($6)

9. Wallpaper Cats Boxer Brief

Any cat-loving man would love these fun boxer-briefs ($12). They’ll never have to answer that awful question: “Boxers or briefs?” Plus, CATS!

10. Toothpaste Oscar

This toothpaste-tube attachment ($4.99) was a hit in my stocking-stuffers post last year and I just had to throw it in this year’s lineup. Brushing your teeth is so much more fun when a cat vomits (sorry) the toothpaste neatly across your bristles.

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