Hobo’s No Longer a Hobo


Hobo the cat had a rough time of it. After living on the streets of Vancouver, Washington without a home for a year or longer, he was chased up a power pole by a dog and stuck there for days, in biting wind, rain, snow and sleet. Hobo’s future was grim.

Until a persistent Catster got involved.

On March 5th, Hobo’s new mom saw a Craig’s List plea for help. Hobo had been stuck in a very very tall tree for 6 days in horrific weather, and a new snow storm was brewing.

Hobo’s mom contacted the lady who placed the Craig’s List ad, gave her the tools to use to secure Hobo’s safe exodus from the tree, and then called Kohr Harlan with Channel 6 News. Kohr is an animal lover and sweet guy to boot, and he got help, showed up and filmed the story.

The rescue was not pretty. The news crewshowed up with neither a food lure nor a catch bag, and at some point, Hobo bit one of his rescuers, screamed and fell about 50 ft to a roof below. He was captured and taken to the vet, where the vet proclaimed him both healthy and female.

Hobo is a sweet, very affectionate older ladycat who’s happy to have come in from the cold.

Skeezix interviewed Hobo and his mom for The Cat’s Meow, so now I’ll turn things over to Skeezix:

SKEEZIX: How did yer mom ferst heer abowt yoo?

HOBO:From Craigs List dey needed help for me and the person posted and my mum she went to help, dat would has been funny my has MS and is in a wheelchair, but somdin tells me one way or anudder I was cumin down even if she had to climbs dat tree, I don’t thinks I would have bited her and if I did I don’t think she would have been mad.

SKEEZIX: How long were yoo up in the tree?

HOBO:Sixdays in rain and snow and cooolld and it was sooooooooo windy.

SKEEZIX: How long had yoo bin wandering arownd on yer own?

Maybe a year?? Dats according to dey peoples in da ‘hood.

SKEEZIX: Was it hard or eezy for the peepul to git yoo down frum the tree?

Dey reason I was stuck cause some mean dog chased me up dat tree but some idiot had cut off most of the branches so I was sooo stuck cause dey was no branches no bodies could climb.

SKEEZIX: Why did yoo give the bitey to the persun hoo reskyooed yoo?

Man I was skeered, dey stuck a camera in my face and dat man he grabbed me by the neck. Yood wanna put the bitey on sumwun too!

SKEEZIX: Do yoo like yer new home?

HOBO:I luvs my new home my mummie and daddy wuvs me and the other fur cousins they are so great , and I gets 3 squares plus treats and extras and catnip and huggs and luvs. Duz it git any bedder dan dat? I don’t thinks so!

Skeezix Interviews Hobo’s Mom:

SKEEZIX: When and why did yoo deeside to adopt Hobo?

Well Iknew as soon as I saw her that we were to be her parents, and the deal was sealed when she put her paws around my neck and kissed me.

SKEEZIX: Can yoo deskribe the rescue effert?

HOBO’S MOM: It was not pretty, they sent up a camera man in the bucket with the tree guy , I was pretty upset , as they had no catch pole no pillow case and no food nothing, when Hobo screamed and fell to the roof I went into panic, I was so sure we had a dead baby on our hands. We scooped her up and rushed her to the vet. He said Hobo was one lucky cat and deserved a castle and the queenly treatment.

Hobo had to be quaranteened as the tree guy reported the bite, we were so scared they were going to come and take her, Hobo has taken our hearts and wrapped us around her velvet paws, she is gaining weight and they vet has pronounced her healthy. Hobo loves our vet.

SKEEZIX: How long did it take for Hobo to acclimate to her new home?

HOBO’S MOM: Abouta week. And we still have run and hide going on specially with strangers.

SKEEZIX: Thanks Hobo, and yer mom, too, for this insiteful interview. I am thrilled that this story had a happy ending!

(Pictured above: Hobo and her new best friend, Pickles)

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