Happy 20th Birthday, Taz!


Hi evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Today is my best frend Taz’s 20th birthday! Woo Hoo!!! And even tho time is vary precious to him, he jenerussly agreed to sit down with me this week and talk about this milestone event.

Skeezix: Taz, to what do you attribute yer longevity?
Taz: Two things, good genes and to parents who whisk me to the vet at the slightest sign of trouble and are able and willing to mortgage their house to fix that trouble if need be.

Skeezix: How will yoo be sellubrating yer berthday at home?
I am going to spend most of the day sleeping . In the evening, my Dad is stopping at the market for fresh fish, which he will purrsonally cook up for me for dinner. I have also requested a very special cake!

Skeezix: How are you and yer Catster frends going to sellebrate yer berthday?
Taz: I hope my pals will stop in on my page and say hello!

Skeezix: Taz, yoo were Catster’s Cat of the Week this week. What was yer reaction win yoo found out yoo’d won this distinguished title?
Taz: Wow, Skeezix, I was speechless for a second! I feel great, I am going to be 20, and now Cat of the Week! Life is good.

Skeezix: As you look back on yer long life, is there anything you regret not doing?
Taz: I do wish I had spent more time with my elder sister, Flinders, before she went to the bridge. She raised me from a small kitTON and we were really close until we both got older.

Skeezix: Anything yoo did that yoo DO regret?

Skeezix: What stand out as some of the hilites of yer life?
Taz: First of all, the day my Dad found me in the parking lot of a local police station and took me home. Then, the two times in my youth that I escaped and went outside to sow my wild mancat oats; my parents eventually found me but I found out how much I was appreciated. Last but not least, the date my beloved Catsy (catster #521036) accepted me as her valentine, on VD 2008. She has since gone to the bridge but I will never forget her.

Skeezix: Whats a typical day like for yoo?
Taz: Dad gets up really early and I get up, too and greet him. I go in the basement to my purrsonal mancat cave and keep him company when he lifts things up and down. I sleep in until my old Wicked Stepmother (WS) gets me up and feeds me. Then I sleep some more until dinner time, when my Dad takes me out on my leash for my walk. Then it’s back to bed!

Skeezix: Do you have any age-related health problems, and if so, how do you deel with them?
Taz: I was diagnosed with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) years ago. Since then I have to go in to my vet once weekly for a poke, which Dad calls a fillup. My parents are convinced that my doctor’s approach to starting fluids at the beginning of CRF has kept my kidneys from getting worse. I also have been diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) but I have been symptom-free for a long time.

Skeezix: Taz, I gotta tell ya, I am SO JELLUS of yer extensive wardrobe! Ware do yoo shop for clothes?
Taz: That old WS has gotten really creative over the years. She started out with clothes for small dogs. The ones at the stores are generally boring but you can get better ones at shows and art fairs. She then made odds and ends for me herself, which she still does (my ruby slippers are her proudest creative embellishment). Now she shops ebay and the doll aisle at Michaels for our wardrobes. One of our favorites for ready- made is Mary Catron in California, we found her on ebay.

I bet you don’t have your own closet, do you? Dad finally bought me one as he got sick of finding my stuff all over.

Skeezix: Akshully, I do have my own clozet, but it’s pretty teeny, so sum of my wardrobe is stored in footlockers.

Win yoo blow owt all the candles on yer berthday cake, Taz, whut will yoo be wishin for?

Taz: A little more quality time with my family.

Skeezix: What advice can you give to other cats who are inching up on the 20-yeer mark?
Taz: Enjoy every day you are lucky enough to get!

Skeezix: Those are werds to live by, Taz. Pleeze, evrybuddy, drop by and wish Taz a Happy 20th Berthday!

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