Guinness Is the Color of Stout With Ears Like an Airplane


Guinness is a particularly striking black cat who, despite his Irish-themed name, lives a fancy life in London. This sterling chap has become a burgeoning star on the social media circuit thanks to a series of slick and humorous Instagram pics that have caused his account to notch more than 40,000 followers already.

Read on to find out more about this beer-friendly feline.

Once upon a time

Image via rina_takei Instagram

Back on a cold winter’s day in London, Guinness turned up at the door of Rina, who instantly provided him with a forever home. She viewed the “very tiny, nine-week-old, fluffy kitten” as something akin to an early (and unplanned) holiday gift.

Looking back on the fateful festive day she says, “It was the best Christmas present ever.”

My goodness, my Guinness

Image via rina_takei Instagram

As you can guess, Rina picked Guinness’ name because “he reminds me of the famous stout with his jet black fur and golden eyes.”

She adds that while she enjoys an imperial pint of the dark nectar of Dublin from time to time, Guinness the cat has safely avoided having even a sip of his namesake brew.

Last orders

Image via rina_takei Instagram

While the stylistic influence of cats has already infiltrated the craft beer world, no one has yet taken the next logical step and crafted a bespoke brew for felines.

If Guinness were in charge of such a vital endeavor, Rina says he’d be looking to blend up a drink that’s “tuna flavored with a creamy foam.”

She explains, “It’s a beer perfectly suited to cat food. I’m sure lots of cats would love to drink that in the evening — but not for breakfast, of course.”

Keeping with the concept of responsible feline imbibing, she adds the disclaimer, “And it’s certainly not for (underage) kittens.”

Introducing airplane ears

Image via rina_takei Instagram

When summing up Guinness’ personality, Rina confesses that he’s “a bit of a spoiled child.” But, she adds, he’s also “quite frightened of strange noises so he’s always displaying what I call his airplane ears.”

Rounding out Guinness’s profile, Rina says that he has a “gentle temperament” at heart. As she testifies, “I’ve yet to see him display any kind of aggression.”

Just mousing around

Image via rina_takei Instagram

Guinness’ owner recently used an app to give him the look of a mouse (which is to say, a cartoon mouse). The results proved a hit on his Instagram account — but what would Guinness be like if he became a mouse for a day?

“He would be like Jerry in Tom and Jerry,” says Rina. “He’d love playing and being chased by a scatterbrained cat like Tom.”

Every night is pizza night

Image via rina_takei Instagram

When he’s not dreaming up craft cat beers, you can find Guinness plotting to get in on the takeout pizza act.

As for his ultimate toppings?

A zesty tuna and mango concoction with “delicious melted cheese.”

You can check out more of Guinness’ adventures at his Instagram account.

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