12 New "My Cat Needs That Now!" Products

The Global Pet Expo featured cat toys, feeders, scratchers, and furniture; here's some of the best.


After attending the 2015 Global Pet Expo, I have blisters, blurry eyes, and an aching body from tromping through the equivalent of 13 football fields filled with more than 900 pet product manufacturers exhibiting their latest pet products. Can you believe there were more than 1,000 new pet products? (My feet are now believers!) And, thank you, a nice chunk of them were new cat products. I spent hours scouring through rows of cat products that cat lovers gotta and will wanna have. Break out your credit card and check out this hot new product list.

1. AutoDiet Feeder 

Wireless Whiskers’ AutoDiet Feeder gets your cat’s diet on track with a push of a button.

Tech makes life easier, and Wireless Whiskers’ AutoDiet Feeder does just that with our cats. This smart pet feeder measures and records how much our pet weighs, measures and sets individual allowances, and can feed up to eight pets, whether we are there or not. Just attach a wireless tag to your cat’s collar, and it recognizes and registers the cat when he eats. If another pet pushes your cat out of the way and tries to eat his food, the feeder switches to that pet. If that pet is out of his food allowance or excluded, the doors shut. Retails around $159.99.

2. Vesper V-Line cat furniture 

Hagen’s Vesper V-Line cat furniture’s sleek and modern design will make you and your cat purr.

Cat platforms, tunnels, scratching areas, and cubes make up the Vesper V-Line cat furniture. I knocked on the wood of this furniture myself and, it not only felt great, it will look good in our homes. Made of a poplar wood and walnut veneer, and the cushions are even made of memory foam. There are seven styles: V-Base, V-Double, V-High Base, V-Tower, V-Lounge, V-High Lounge, and the V-Cube. 

3. Kitty Power Paws Sphere 

Prevue Pet’s Kitty Power Paws Sphere is sure to scratch your cat’s scratching itch.

If kitty likes to play ball, then this is the biggest cat ball of them all. In fact, the toy from Prevue Pet Products Inc. is big enough for me. Our cats can scratch and stretch in style with this good-looking, durable, scratching post sphere. And, of course, it has a fun feather tassel at the top. 

4. Bimini Bowl 

New Angle Pet’s Bimini Bowl solves the raised feeder and sensitive whiskers issue in one modern cat food bowl.

Seeking a modern-looking raised feeder for your cat? I think you’ll like the Bimini Bowl from New Angle Pet Products. The raised cat feeder tilts forward so the cat can have easy access, plus the rounded bowl won’t bother your cat’s whiskers. The nonslip feet will keep it from moving around. You can easily remove the stainless steel dish for washing. 

5. Wooden Cattery

Trixie Pet created the Wooden Cattery as an outdoor retreat for your indoor cat.

Want your cat to get a taste of the great outdoors without the dangers? Trixie Pet Products’ Wooden Cattery might just be the thing. Designed for cats (not by cats, but wouldn’t that be cool), it’s got a two-story retreat area with ramp, enclosed outdoor run, large main door, and is constructed of natural, eco-friendly fir wood treated with a water-based stain. It’s big enough that I can fit inside it too, if I want to hang out with the cats. 

6. Twinkle Time Cat Toys 

If your cat loves the nightlife, he’ll love playing with these noiseless, touch-activated Twinkle Time Cat Toys by SmartyKat.

I’ve certainly had the experience where it’s the middle of the night and the cat wants to play. SmartyKat’s Twinkle Time Cat Toys just may be the solution to keeping a cat busy while we humans sleep. These cat toys are not only quiet — they light up. There’s the Twinkle Bug, with a touch-activated flicker-and-flash light; the Sweet Dreamer, with touch-activated violet lights; the Twinkle Tipper, self-righting, touch-activated twinkle balls; and the Cloud Kicker cow and sheep with touch-activated lights. Available at retailers.

7. Soft Step Natural Wood Clumping Ökocat Litter  

Now there’s an absorbent litter for cats with sensitive paws — Soft Step Natural Wood Clumping Ökocat Litter.

Have a kitten, senior cat, or a just an adult cat with delicate paws? Ökocat made this litter for them with its finer texture and seven-day odor control. The cat litter absorbs 500 percent its weight and is naturally antibacterial. Retail varies depending on litter box size, $8.99 to $19.99.

8. Bella Spill-Proof Mat  

Loving Pets Products’ Bella Spill Proof Mat holds three cat food/water bowls at once while being both stylish and fun.

These too cute spill-proof cat food and water bowl mats from Loving Pets Products are shaped like fish and come in a fashionable aqua blue or tan. (I like the blue!) They have a raised lip — so water or cat food won’t spill onto the floor — anti-skid feet, and clean easily. Best yet, they can be used in or outdoors. They are big enough to hold three cat bowls. 

9. Serengeti Scratch 

Ware Manufacturing’s Serengeti Scratch allows your cat to scratch, jump and lounge.

For cats who like to stretch, scratch, and go from platform to platform, the Serengeti Scratch from Ware Manufacturing Inc. brings it on! It’s made of solid wood and has durable sisal rope. The sturdy construction will handle your little wild cats. Retails from $199.99 to $399.99 (depending on size) and available at retailers.

10. Cat Litter Mat  

The too cute Cat Litter Mat by DogGone Smart Products keeps the cat litter scatter from the rest of the house.

This super absorbent microfiber litter rug from Dog Gone Smart Pet Products is so seriously soft I could lie down on it myself. More important — it keeps kitty from dragging litter out into the house, while adding a touch of fun to the litter box area with its cute mouse print. No more boring throw rugs that don’t quite do the job! Available at retailers; 

11. Supercat Catnip Crumples

Supercat Catnip Crumples bring the fun of play and catnip to your cat with one scratch.

We all remember scratch n sniff. Well, now our cats can enjoy that same scratch and scent fun. Supercat created these small squares of paper with bubbles of catnip that burst when cats rub or scratch them. It’s called Nano Burst Technology. These crumples aren’t short lived either, as the bubbles release the scent for about six weeks.  Available at retailers.

12. Daily Scratch Cat Furniture

Ware Manufacturing’s Daily Scratch Cat Furniture is both eco-friendly and cat friendly.


You’ll never look at a newspaper quite the same way again after you check out the Daily Scratch Cat Furniture made from recycled newspaper, made by Ware Manufacturing Inc. I had to feel it to believe it. It’s surprisingly sturdy, eco-friendly, and has a nice modern look. Retails between $34.99 and $99.99.

All photos by Melissa L. Kauffman

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