Videos We Love: 5 Weird Cats Who Love Water

It turns out that some magical cats not only can swim, but they're also pretty darn good at it.


Last time I gave my cats a bath, they temporarily lost their minds. Pathetic and wet, they sang the sad song of their people, which is apparently a hideous wail the likes of which I haven’t heard since I took them to the vet and they tried to kill the poor doctor. As far as they are concerned, the shower is only useful once the water is off and they can lick the fresh drops from the tub, leaving tiny, gray footprints on the porcelain.

If my cats represent one end of the spectrum — that is, fear and outright hostility toward water — common sense dictates there must be also cats just dying to go for a dip. These videos prove that hatred of water is not a universally feline quality.

1. Cat swimming like a boss

Just like there are magical humans who can walk a tightrope suspended 100 feet in the air between buildings, there are even more magical cats who not only can swim, but are actually pretty darn good at it.

2. Boldly going where no cat has gone before

Instead of desperately clambering to get out of the bathtub, Coco the cat flips the narrative. Once he hears the water running, he tries really hard to scramble into the tub — and then magic happens. 

3. Hop in, the water is fine!

We’ve all seen dogs chilling on boats while their humans fish — but who knew a cat could derive the same enjoyment from essentially being trapped in a floating box of wood in the middle of a lake? When Millie the cat goes for an unexpected swim on this boating excursion, she not only takes it in stride, she grabs a rope and pulls herself to safety before calmly grooming herself in the sun. Honestly, I think she handled it better than I would have.

4. Kitten can’t get enough

While taking a warm bath, this fluffy white kitten achieved such a state of relaxation that leaving is out of the question. We’ve all been there, right? Just think of the last time you got out of a hot shower on a cold day. Stay in the bath, kitten. Stay as long as you can.

5. It’s good exercise

Wearing a little orange lifejacket, this overweight kitty in Virginia is swimming to lose weight — and it even looks like he’s enjoys it a little bit. But the cat doesn’t love it nearly as much as the newscaster reporting the story, who starts giggling halfway through and cannot stop.

Does your cat like the water? Share in the comments!

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