Videos We Love: Cats Baffled By Their Own Reflections


Think about it: Without an understanding of reflections, mirrors are quite terrifying. There’s another creature who looks exactly like you, moves exactly like you, and makes direct, sustained eye contact with you — but you can never touch it, and when you leave the room, it disappears. It sounds a lot like a bad riddle, but it’s all too literal. No wonder the cats (and other animals) in these videos lose their minds when they encounter a mirror for the first time.

1. Where is the other kitten?

This smart little kitten looks behind the mirror in search of her identical companion, and she is quite confused and dismayed when she cannot find her.

2. An interspecies phenomenon

This video proves that a fascination with mirrors affects all species, from cats and dogs to lizards and peacocks. But, truthfully, the cats’ reactions are the best, what with the puffed-up tails and head-on collisions and such.

3. Fierce predators afraid of own reflections

Big cats may be among nature’s fiercest predators, but this video proves that they’re unable to conquer their fear of their own reflections. (Except for that one tiger with a healthy body image who thinks she’s just the prettiest.)

4. Alpha cat meets his match

This handsome ginger boy is clearly the head of his household, so when he meets an identical cat with identical floof and identical little white paws, he will stop at nothing to defend his territory from this impostor.

5. Why so dramatic?

When this cat catches sight of himself in the mirror, he looks like he’s just been told there’s a worldwide shortage of treats.

Does your cat lose his mind at the sight of his own face? Tell us in the comments!

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