Videos We Love: Airborne Cats Who Fall Short of Their Goals

Even with mad jumping skills and feline grace, sometimes a confident cat doesn't make it.


It is amazing how high my cats can jump relative to their height. One of my kitties is a senior citizen and the other is overweight, but they can still leap from the floor to the kitchen table, especially if there’s a bit of bacon or a bite of cereal at stake. If I could jump that high — ever, for any reason — I could probably hop straight from the front lawn onto the roof of my house. If I were at the “Breaking Bad” house, I could totally get that pizza off the roof.

Despite their inherent athleticism and feline grace, sometimes even the most daring cats fall short of their goals. These videos prove that jumping like a boss is harder than it looks — and occasionally it is impossible.

1. Depth perception fail

This sneaky Siamese clearly thought the neighboring balcony was a few feet closer. The good news: As the video description states, “The cat did not die!”

2. Icy windshield fail

Gorgeous orange tabby Waffles the Terrible apparently fails “every day at one thing or another.” On this particular day, he attempted to leap from the top of an ice-covered car onto the garage. You can probably guess what happened next, but you’d be wrong. Just watch the video.

3. Compilation fail

This collection of videos shows cats slipping, falling, jumping headfirst into mirrors, and generally misjudging the situation before shrugging it off and pretending like it never happened. It’s basically guaranteed to make your coworkers ask what the heck you’re laughing at.

4. Windshield wiper fail

As this freaked-out feline proves, cats can basically fly when they’re afraid. Also, this video is pretty much the best use of “Sail” by Awolnation I’ve ever seen. It wouldn’t surprise me if the song was written with this specific scenario in mind.

5. Snow day fail

While exploring the patio on a snowy winter’s day, this gorgeous black cat quickly learns about the cold nature of regret.

Does your cat’s ability fail to measure up to his ambition? Share your feline friend’s most hilarious near-misses in the comments!

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