Videos We Love: Watch These Cats Going Berserk Over Treats


It’s almost Thanksgiving. Your cat would like to remind you that the purpose of that day is to stop and reflect upon how grateful you are for his furry, purring, painfully adorable presence in your life. Then he’d like some treats. Yes, treats — plural. As in more than one. Right now. Put down that pumpkin pie recipe and go get them. Seriously. Right this minute, or your cat will lose his mind like the cats in these videos.

1. Treat monster

He may look innocent, but this orange tabby knows exactly what he wants, and he will not stop until he gets it. The best part is when he slaps his sibling around for even implying that he might want to share.

P.S. One treat is not enough. He wants 200.

2. Ring the bell for service

Perhaps it seems like a cool idea to train your cat to ring a bell, like at a hotel front desk, whenever he wants a treat, but in my house that bell would be ringing 24/7. It would be on par with giving a kid a talking doll for Christmas. I’d be having some serious regrets within about three hours.

3. Communication is key

According to Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, treats can help you speak to your cat’s “evolutionary sweet spot” — basically, that moment when your cat is so excited about what he’s eating that his brain melts a little bit, giving you the chance to bond with your pet. This requires treats that are 100 percent meat or fish — you know, the stuff your cat was born to eat. According to Galaxy, the crunchy “kitty crack” kibble my cats know and love is not the best option — but I’m not going to tell them that. At least not right now.

4. Never mind the five-second rule

This cat loves his treats so much that he catches them in midair with both paws like a little baseball player, giving Gold Glove Award-winning outfielders a run for their money. In this cat’s case, the five-second rule need not apply, because those treats aren’t ever touching the ground.

5. Ain’t no table high enough

Bert the cat won’t let minor details like being a tiny, fluffy kitty in a big, scary world stop him from expertly snatching treat after treat from the kitchen tabletop.

Does your cat lose his mind for treats? Tell us about it in the comments!

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