Meet Winston Smushface the Shaved Persian


You’ve got to love a cat with a gloriously over-the-top name — like Winston Smushface, our Social Cat of the Week. But there’s a lot more going on with this Instagram star than just his fantastic moniker. The distinctive Persian constantly entertains his growing legion of fans with his quirky adventures and striking shaved look.

Here’s your peek into Winston’s world.

Introducing Garfield Junior

Image via Instagram

While on the lookout for a kitten that resembled Garfield, Jessie Jones and her partner ended up stumbling across a six-month-old Persian that an elderly couple had to abandon “as they had to move into an assisted-living home and weren’t allowed pets.”

“We walked into the room and there he was, the spitting image of Garfield with his little tongue sticking out!” says Jessie. “I actually couldn’t believe it — it was like I had dreamed him up. The lady said she just wanted him to go to a good forever home. If that’s not meant to be, I don’t know what is.”

Good work, Winston

Image via Instagram

Once he began settling into his new home, Winston’s winning personality came through.

“He’s very friendly, he runs to the door when we get home, he follows us everywhere and he sleeps with us at night,” says Jessie. “He’s also just hilarious and constantly has us laughing. I’ve always been a dog person but Winston has changed my mind — cats all the way!”

A signature pose

Image via Instagram

A large part of Winston’s appeal is his signature sitting-up pose.

“He’s definitely not the only cat in the world that does this,” explains Jessie, “but his tongue constantly sticking out and his dazed look are definitely entertaining bonuses. It’s pretty much an every day thing — it never gets old.”

Jessie adds that on occasion she’ll also find Winston “sleeping on the couch completely upside down with his arms and legs in the air, tongue hanging out of course.”

Stay classy, Mr. Smushface.

This cat will mingle

Image via Instagram

One of Winston’s Instagram pictures says he’s “single and ready to mingle.” It turns out he has his eye on Smoothie the Cat: “He could stare into those big green eyes forever — girlfriend’s got it going on.

“Winston says, ‘Smoothie, if you’re reading, call me!'”

A discerning eater

Image via Instagram

Another photograph captures Winston in the act of raiding his humans’ fridge — although it turns out the whole shebang was more of an exploratory adventure rather than a sneak snack attack.

“It’s funny because Winston isn’t too fussed with anything other than his Royal Canin kibble,” says Jessie. “I’ve tried giving him salmon, chicken, veal, mince, tuna, sardines… and he turned his nose up to all of it! Talk about picky.”

All shaved, all good

Image via Instagram

By now you’ll have noticed that Winston is a Persian who is all about his fancy shaved looks. (Maybe more than Garfield, he ends up resembling a mystical lion.)

Jessie says that he’s fine with the experience of being shaved — “he likes it a lot better than being brushed” — and ends up being happier, less matted and more active once he’s shed some fur.

“I’m friends with his groomer, and I sit with her while she shaves him,” she continues. “He honestly sits there purring most of the time. She always makes sure to protect his whiskers — that is very important.

“We do get a few negative comments about him being shaved. People think we must give him sleeping pills and that we’re cruel. That couldn’t be further from the truth so I just tune them out.”

Also, it wasn’t her idea, she says.

“Winston’s vet is actually the one who suggested it,” says Jessie, “so it’s all good in my book!”

Check out Winston’s Instagram account for more of his terrific looks.

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