Cats Get Weird Celebrating National Tortilla Day


It seems like just the other day when we were all celebrating National Cat Herders’ Day, doesn’t it? Now that little ceremonial occasion has passed, it’s time to add a new holiday to your cat calendar — National Tortilla Day, which handily falls on Feb. 24 — today — this year.

Read on to find out exactly what you and your cat are meant to be doing on this hallowed day.

Tortilla classic

Image via Instagram

When it comes to celebrating National Tortilla Day, this is your classic setup: Confused looking cat sporting a full-on tortilla, while looking up at the camera. Note how this particular tortilla even appears to have been slightly charred for authenticity.

The necessary alternative

Image via Instagram

Digging through the Instagram archives, I came across this series of snaps from a couple of years ago. It might start to explain the origins of the tortilla cat trend. It seems the movement’s beginnings route back to that fad of putting slices of bread over your cat’s head. As the original caption puts it, “We attempted putting bread on the cats, but the bread kept breaking. So … tortilla cats.”

The terror

Image via Instagram

At first, this picture might seem to show nothing more than an unwilling cat being asked to celebrate National Tortilla Day. The terror in the kitty’s eyes and the fangs on offer suggest all is not exactly right in this feline world, right? But look closely and you’ll see some advanced tortilla tactics being employed by virtue of a canny vertical slit in the tortilla that allows for easy and convenient dressing.

Tortilla of shame

Image via Instagram

A soft white flour tortilla can be a comforting thing. Well, unless you’re this ginger tabby who appears to be somewhat miffed at being asked to tortilla himself up.

A basket of kitten

Image via Instagram

This appears to be a very fluffy kitten sitting in a tortilla basket. Enjoy — some things are not exactly meant to be explained.


Image via Instagram

Cross cultural food fusion alert! The Instagram caption here would make for a great (but admittedly likely bemusing) fortune cookie message: “Sometimes your tortilla chip has a hole in it and your cat poses just right.”

Public Service Announcement

Image via Instagram

While dressing up your cats in tortillas is certainly the traditional way to celebrate National Tortilla Day, it is also possible to join in the festivities in a manner that won’t have your cat plotting a grand revenge attack as soon as you doze off. Consider cutting a tortilla into the shape of a cat a fine compromise. Rejoice!

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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