Frogging Cat Fridays: It’s the Next Big Photo Thing for Cats


Do you know what your cat gets up to on Fridays while you’re at work and wishing the weekend had already started? It’s not just another day of snoozing, napping, and occasional food breaks. It’s something far more sinister and it’s called … Frogging Cat Fridays.

Let’s just state that once more for the record: Frogging Cat Fridays.

What is this shocking sounding pursuit, you might wonder? It involves splurging yourself out on a surface in a manner that causes your back legs to resemble those of a frog. Let’s consult some of the Internet’s foremost Frogging Cat Friday experts we found on Instagram to explain further.

Gary agrees

Image via Instagram

Here we have Gary, a giant presence on the Instagram cat scene, enjoying a little down low frogging action. It seems Frogging Cat Fridays have certainly caught on in his household. As he quips, “I’ve caught Hank frogging at least six times and finally got a good photo. New life goal: getting a side-by-side frogging shot.”

I’m so fancy

Image via Instagram

This Calico certainly knows how to fancy up her frogging Fridays. Note how positively ethereal she looks thanks to the addition of some pink fairy wings. It’s a move our next candidate could certainly learn from.

Countertop spray in aisle five

Image via Instagram.

At first, this ginger guy looks like he’s doing nothing more untoward than minding his own business and engaging in some totally respectable frogging. Then you notice he’s actually sprawled out on the dining table. Why, even his feline housemate is walking away in disgust.

Learn from the pros

Image via Instagram

Ah, now here was have a real expert of the Frogging Cat Friday scene. His name is Charlie and he’s been snapped pulling off a reverse frog. Quite the spectacle!

You’re turning me

Image via Instagram

This guy hasn’t quite got all his angles correct. He’ll learn though. I hope.

Expansion Team

Image via Instagram

These days, the cats of the world are all about taking an expansive approach to the responsibility of frogging on Fridays. This audacious chap is pulling off a move that I believe definitely nods to the world of spatchcocked chickens. A true gourmand in the making, I’m sure.

Head strong

Image via Instagram

Ladies, gentlemen, and all amateur Frogging Cat Friday enthusiasts, we most certainly have a winner.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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