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Fisher the Cat’s dad, Andy Scott, is both relieved and embarrassed that Fisher is back on terra firma.

Relieved, because high climbing cat had been hopelessly stuck in a gum tree for three days.

Embarrassed because of the number of fire trucks that showed up to take part in the “exercise.”

Neighbours gathered and applauded when the firefighters finally got hold of Fisher.

Not content with the fuss he had caused, the petrified pussy cat made a 5m leap from the arms of firefighters as they were being lowered down from the tree, then ran off to hide.

Andy Scott was hopeful that the cat would return that night.

“Fisher’s probably waiting for everyone to leave him alone before he returns home,” he said. “I’ll give him a good feed and drink, even though he’s embarrassed me today. He better appreciate it.”

Geelong CFA station officer David Moore said the rescue was a good training drill for the firefighters.

“We don’t usually do these sorts of rescue jobs very often, but decided to come along to this one since the cat had been up there for so long,” he said.

“It was an interesting day and good training for us though, as we got to practice using some of our equipment.”

[SOURCE: Geelong Advertiser]