Felis Navidad: Cats of Instagram Reveals Its Top 10 Holiday Cats


Oh, the holidays. A time when humans spend a lot of money on stuff people will ultimately re-gift for birthdays or weddings or (seriously) Presidents Day, and cats relish the joys of all those twinkling lights that always appear just out of reach. Certainly there are those kitties who feel racked with guilt by their addiction to sparkles, and then there are those who have not only embraced those dangling, twinkling lights, but committed full throttle to this new tinsel-filled faith.

Now, just in time for the last vestiges of holiday angst cheer, comes a new accoutrement to those with a predilection of the feline persuasion ÔǪ courtesy of Cats of Instagram. In an exclusive to Catster, Cats of Instagram’s top executives have combed their image files to find the cats who best personify this holiday season. Below they provide the cute holiday cat pictures and their own commentary about what these Xmas felines have going for them.

So without further ado, we present Cats of Instagram’s Ultimate Top 10 Holiday Cats.

1. Osiris

@Cutevanille sent us this lovely photo of Osiris. We love the depth of field (re: Bokeh) not to mention the pensive and subtle composition of the photo. The added tongue from Osiris is an extra bonus; looks like he’s ready for some serious holiday treats!

2. Uzura

@Yayoi89 gives us a perfect portrait of Uzura, a lovely little Scottish Fold kitty. Note the innocent tilt of the head — how can you deny that?

3. Haru

@Haru_thecat looks like he’s willing to put up with just about anything for the holidays! His facial expression says it all, and it’s the reason why we love this photo!

4. Still Life with Cat and Stocking

Looks like this British Shorthair from @Marieopetersson is the prize present this holiday season! Who wouldn’t love to find her in a Christmas stocking? The composition and the candid shot from the stocking make this one a winner. We’ll take her any day of the year.

5. Miss Raspberry

@Miss_raspberry_kittay is getting festive in this holiday portrait! The holiday d├®cor, which is contrary to Raspberry’s enthusiasm, make not only an interesting juxtaposition, but also an adorable mix.

6. Leepy

@Leepy_cat melts our hearts with his “kitty eyes” gaze. Talk about hypnotic! We’re willing to give him anything he wants because of those piercing eyes, including a nod here.

7. Pensive Scottish Fold

@Rebeckporter’s Scottish Fold, like many of us, is wondering what he’ll find under the tree this year (besides himself and those ornaments he’s knocked down). This cute kitty steals the show with his pensive, mysterious gaze, which makes us wonder — just what is he thinking?

8. Tortie and Penguin

This tortoiseshell beauty from @ccclaju is rolling deep with his stuffed posse from the animal kingdom. With his off-kilter hat and knotted scarf, he’s totally anti-establishment — talk about “Born to Be Wild.” He’s totally gangsta, Santa-style.

9. Nicklas

Nicklas, a British Shorthair from @ats_and_nicklas, is a man on a mission — for treats. WIth his hind legs looking a bit like knickers, he’s a Charles Dickens character come to life — cat style.

10. Sparkle

Sparkle from @banjoandfriends has mastered the art of sitting for your portrait. Her unmitigated gaze looking longingly off into the distance for her fair prince, complemented by her velvet cloak, makes her a fairy tale come true (plus the reindeer adds a nice fantasy element). Looks like she’s getting what she wants this year, no matter what!

Do you have holiday pictures of your cats? Post them in the comments, and tell us about the cats!

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About the author: Susan Michals covers art and culture for various outlets including Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Details. She is also the creator of Cat Art Show LA (which debuted in January) as well as the upcoming CatConLA 2015. She has one cat, Miss Kitty Pretty Girl, and one dog, Olive.

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