Ever Talked to Your Cat Via an Animal Communicator?


Janet Roper, Animal Communicator, with her horse, Shiloh

Dr. Doolittle isn’t the only one wishing he could talk to the animals. It’s natural for people to want to communicate with their cherished pets. Today, we have a guest writer, Bonnie Koenig, from Samammish, Washington. Recently, Bonnie won a writing contest, the prize for which was an hour-long teleparty with animal communicator Janet Roper. Bonnie invited four friends, and in an exclusive to The Cat’s Meow, reports on the teleparty:

Ever considered having an animal communicator talk to your pet? I entered a writing contest about a conversation I had with my cat on Talk 2 the Animals and won first place. This meant that I and five of my friends got to have an hour long teleparty with Janet Roper, the animal communicator behind Talk to the Animals.

Janet was very flexible with her times and we were able to set up a time that was good for everyone, despite being spread out through several US time zones. We were supplied with some things to think about for questions and offered some sample issues that get discussed with pets.

We each needed to provide a detailed description of our pet to enable Janet to get in touch with them. She describes that as being akin to knowing someones phone number before you can talk to them. There might be many Geminis but there is likely only one Gemini who is 4 years old who is a long hair brown tabby with big round green eyes.

Janet asked if any of us had any experience with animal communication before (we hadn’t) and then gave us a brief overview of what to expect. Animals are always communicating with us. Its just that often we dont understand what they’re trying to tell us.

After the intro, we each got about 8 minutes to ask a question or two of a pet. I was astounded at the wisdom introduced by each pet.

Each of the others in the party had pets that were clearly recognizable to me. My friend Elizabeth is the adoring mother to a dog that loves to be pampered and loved. loves being held close to the chest and understands that she is a marvelous dog who is the center of the universe. I suspect she believes this because Liz believes this wholeheartedly.

One cat–Abbie (right)–had some issues with an upcoming cross-country move and Janet was able to offer some insight into the stress surrounding this and also suggested what to say to Abbie to reassure her as the move progressed.

Another cat–a tuxie named Bert–had issues that stemmed from a bad experience at the the vet. Janet provided insight into what he’s feeling, and suggested what to do to help him overcome his issues: trying reiki and touch therapy.

Lattes conversation with Lauren was a testament to the truth behind the cuteness of every cat blog. Latte (right) described himself exactly as I would have pictured him.

I didnt see my own cat, Gemini (below, left), so clearly. In the conversation I wanted to better understand why she was so timid. But who was this little cat that we talked to? She was peaceful? And only as timid as she felt she should be? Shes terrified of everything! And what is this about being the cat who supports my old kitty in her dying days? But as I reflected on it, I can see this in Gemini. Cheysuli is a very sensitive cat and I can see that she wouldnt want the burden of having to support Georgia too far into her process of dying. Cheysuli gets quite distressed when Georgia has a bad day. Gemini can be there and be much more flexible about things.

Gemini was described as peaceful and sure of herself. As I watch her box the other cats around I realize that yes, she may be timid around people but she is very certain of herself with the other cats. She knows where she fits in.

At the end, we were all able to discuss anything that popped out for us. I was supplied with an audio link within two hours of the call in case I’d forgotten anything or wanted to listen again.

I got thank you’s from the participants and commentary on the food for thought that came up for all of us and our pets. Most of the pets decided to hang out with their humans after the teleparty, as if now the lines of communication were open and they didnt want them to close.

ABOUT BONNIE: In addition to being an indentured servant to her three cats (Cheysuli, Gemini and Georgia), Bonnie Koenig has been licensed to practice acupuncture in the state of Washington since 1999. In between patients she is a writer. Currently she writes for her blog and website at mysiamese.com, and is writing a book about conversations with her cat Georgia about illness.

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