Easter PURRade!!!!

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. It’s time for The Cat’s Meow’s ferst annual Easter/Passover/Spring Fling PURRade!

But before we start the strole down 5th Avenue, I’d like to wish yoo all a vary happy Easter and if yoo happened to furgit to send sumbuddy an Easter Card, just klik my pikcher above to send a free ecard.

One lucky cat frum the PURRade entrants will win 50 zealies AND be fecherd on the werld-famous snuzzy.com site tomorrow. We’re gonna put all the names in an Easter basket and draw the winner at randum. To keep things fare, only one name frum each household goes into the drawing. Check back later today to see hoo wun!

Now, let me interdoose the Grand Marshalls of the purrade: Louis LeBeau and Ethan

Louis is waring a yummy looking fetther boa in robin’s egg bloo:

His bruther Ethan has chosen a perple ensemble, and is sellubrating with Grumpy Frog:

Leading off is Jobl, all the way frum the Canada to be in the Purrade! That’s purrty neet, eh?
Pritty pink bunnies don’t git much prittier than Ko!

Evrywun’s wundering if Borat the Brat’s bratty behavior will affekt how many goodies he gets frum the Easter bunny.

Kingsley has taken over Easter Bunny dooties, and is accompanied by the Easter chik:

Rocky Sprocket may be blind, but that duzn’t slow him down one bit
win it comes to gitting in the Easter spirit!

Baci is waiting fur the Easter eggs to hatch,
and she’s none too happy abowt it!
Bunny Bono, viziting frum the Bridge, is garding his eggs carefully!
Taylee is making the most of the brillyunt Spring wether!
Even tho Truman’s a woofie, he’s PURRfect in this Easter Purrade!
And Truman’s buddy Phanto is pritty PURRfect, too!
Alfie hopped over all the way frum the UK to be in the Purrade!
Next up, the Easter Bunny! No, wate. It’s Rusty, looking like a ded ringer fur the Easter Bunny!
Cookie Bunny is switching frum cookies to Cadbury eggs just fur today:
Mini hopes evrycat has a Maxi grate time this Easter!
Karma sez it’s good Karma to share yer Easter treets… with her!
Kola sez to spred da love with all creechers this Easter.
UH OH! Yolo is having a wardrobe malfunkshun!
The Shadow knows it’s importunt to stop and smell the flowers at Eastertime.
Love Bug is a Love Bunny today!
Amelia wants to give a speshul shout-out to Cuddles: Happy Easter, Cuddles!
Mao swears he has no idea ware the gefilte fish went,
and hopes evrycat had a grate Passover.

Maggie Bunny is hopping glad it’s Easter!
Bean sez, “Happy Easter, Madeline Michelle!
Kittana is eggstatic that Easter is finely heer!
And bringing up da rear in his fabulous FURRari, it’s none other than Guido the Italian Kitty! Duzn’t he look moovey-star hansum in his bunny shades!
Guido’s bin werking overtime on qwality control this Easter, so if yoo got sum espeshully pritty eggs in yer basket, yoo probly have Guido to thank!

Thanks to evrywun hoo enterd the PURRade! The winner will be announced at 7 PM Catster time!

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