Yo Kittehs! Earn Nip Money by Babysitting


Hey, evrybuddy, Skeezix the Cat heer.

Do you have a ‘nip habit? A gerlcat frend hoo likes nice dates? A taste fur the finer things in life like Kitty Caviar? If you anserd “yes” to any of these qwestions, you can probly use sum extra cash. And whut better way to ern it than by babysittin’?

I know whut yer thinkin’. Why shood I spend even one minute longer than absolootly nessessary with a tale puller hoo skreems so lowd it can brake yer eardrums?

Well, heer’s the deel. Peeple kittins are kyoot, and they can make good frends and playmates. Win they arn’t using you as a mattress:

… or a pillow:

You’ll git a chanse to teech yer peeple kittin abowt social hierarky:

… how to aksesserize:

… how to show yer teeths win the flashy box is pointed at you:

… and how to drink frum the water fowntin:

Just a cupple of instrukshuns before you start:

Don’t pull the plug!!!!

… and don’t let it eet yer branes:

Peeple kittins can get boring, so I’ve fownd that babysittin’ is always better win you bring a frend along to keep you cumpany:

As you can planely see, babysittin’ can be both fun and profitubul, and win dun rite, you’ll both have the time of yer life!

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