Drama Unfolds as Cat Plummets During Tree Rescue


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This week, a tabby was stuck in a Charlotte tree for six days after slipping out the door of her home. The cat, Rookie, had no food or no water and was forced to endure the sweltering heat.

“I’ve been trying to call people all week, ODell said. Unfortunately no one was willing to help. The fire department won’t do it. Other tree services won’t do it. Animal rescue won’t do it.

Finally, she found a tree service that would come out.

“We rescue cats on a regular basis,” said a tree trimmer from Heartland Tree Service.

“She’s as high up as she can go, said a frightened ODell.

Rookie stop it! Rookie, Rookie! she said as the cat kept moving away from those trying to rescue her.

Eventually, they closed in on her.

One gentleman tied a rope around the limb and two other tree trimmers pulled the limb close enough to grab Rookie.

“She didn’t know who he was and she was freaking out, ODell said.

So Rookie took a leap that probably involved a lot of faith.

She plummeted to earth and she was just kind of flying through the air, ODell said. And I think I let out a Jamie Lee Curtis scream.

After a frantic few hours they found Rookie hiding under a neighbor’s porch safe and sound.

O’Dell took Rookie to a vet and was relieved to discover that there were no broken bones or internal damage. Rookie was given a clean bill of health.

[SOURCE: The Charlotte Observer]

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