I Gave Dr. Oz a Kitty Litter Facial on Television


Editor’s Note: Stephanie Harwin, our style columnist, has her own cat-centric site, Catsparella (check it out for all kinds of awesomeness!). She had a great adventure she wrote about earlier this week for Catsparella, and we’re running it on Catster with her permission.

If you were watching the “America’s Funniest Health Videos” episode of The Dr. Oz Show earlier this week, then chances are you saw me, the crazy cat lady named Stephanie, talking about kitty litter facials in a segment about funny home remedies that actually work.

Here’s how I got there: In December, I was contacted by producers to appear on the show after they found a post I wrote about the unusual practice on my blog, Catsparella.

The show was taped a month ago at NBC Studios in New York City, and one of the most exciting parts was that they sent a car to my apartment to pick me up! I was told to bring two wardrobe options in “bright, jewel tones” and to do my hair and make-up as I normally would, and that it would be touched up once I got there.

In the green room, we were treated to “Dr. Oz approved snacks” like mysteriously delicious brown mini-muffins and fruit on a stick. Stacy London (What Not to Wear), who was on the show doing a segment about beauty blunders, paid us a visit and was extremely nice and down to earth. She even chatted with me about the Opening Ceremony cat sweater she gave to Anderson Cooper on his show the day before!

They don’t bring you into the studio until your segment is about to film. Just my luck, mine was at the very end, so it was a nervous wait in the green room watching the episode on TV as it taped right down the hall.

Once I got in front of the audience, Dr. Oz came over to say hello and thanked me for being there, right before the cameras started to roll. I thought it was really funny that they wanted me to rub the concoction on his face, and was excited to learn that he has five cats! The only thing that would have made the experience better is if they hadn’t edited out me saying Catsparella!

Click here to watch the clip — I’m giving Dr. Oz a kitty litter facial!

For those interested in the kitty litter facial recipe, it’s approximately one tablespoon of plain, unscented litter (the only ingredient should be clay) mixed with two tablespoons of water. I will also warn you that it’s very drying, so if you already have dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

Check out a video of it:

So far, everyone has been very supportive of my appearance on the show, and one friend even commented that I didn’t come off as a crazy cat lady at all! If you missed the episode, you can watch a clip of my segment here.

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