Double Dads Are Three Times The Fun


This Cat Has The Purrfect Pair Of Guardians

Today’s guest blogger is Judi Basolo, better known as Guido the Italian Kitty’s mom… take it away Judi!

Who wouldn’t want to double their pleasure, double their fun, with two dads, yes two dads, oh yes it could be fun. Well it’s precisely what Franklin Winston, a San Francisco blue eyed rescue Tabbie cat is humming these days when he focused his sapphire blue cat eyes on not one, but two savvy San Francisco residents, Sam and Ethan.

This incredibly irresistible and confident Tabbie eventually was bestowed a double distinguished name honoring Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill and firmly knowing what he wanted in life, the kitty chose these two guys to be his landlords, bankers and in-home-chefs yes as in two all-inclusive dads. Perhaps Franklin Winston could have been both Chief Cat of State and the Prime Minister Kitty in one of his former lives hes regal, a little bit royal and definitely dapper.

Finding himself at Maddies adoption center at the San Francisco SPCA in the Spring of 08, and perplexed about what he’d done to lose his long-time home at the age of five years old, Franklin questioned what future his paws had, while he recovered from health issues. The gracious blue-eyed tabby was laden with medical conditions that kept his kitty self from going onto the adoption floor for quite some time. But miracles happen and thanks to the astute medical staff at the SF SPCA hospital, the adorable feline known at the shelter then, as Mister Lucky, was finally on the meow mend. And assuredly he was extremely lucky when he focused his big blues solely at getting a new home that would work well for him, not just a home, but a double dad home.

One day in June, two dashing dads arrived at Maddies, professing they were just looking around for the umpteenth time for a new cat. A few months had passed since their 12-year old cat Otis had passed away, and the guys were now ready to find their new feline roomie. It was a fortuitous day for Mister Lucky.

Recently I interviewed Franklin Winston in his San Francisco Castro district residence, where he gave me an insight to his tactics for finding not one but two Dads:


JUDI: How did you prepare yourself that day to find your two Dads? Did you strike a Vogue pose or bat your big blues?
FRANKLIN WINSTON: For many weeks at Maddies, I sat in my kitty condo and crossed my paws as well as, I focused my big blue eyes on a real strategy, in a grown-up way. As you know I’m an older cat and I do believe that being five years old was an obstacle – I wasn’t desirable to everyone you and I both know some folks just want inky dinky kittens and they fail to remember it will grow up to be my size in the not so distance future. So many people oohed and ahhed at me in my kitty condo, but I didn’t put my best paw forward to them as I knew they weren’t the right match for me. Ill let you in on a little secret: I had my Dads selected before they even opened the door that day, and I was just lying in wait for them to enter.

JUDI: What attracted you to Sam and Ethan?
FRANKLIN WINSTON: They seemed to be nice and extremely gentle guys who really wanted a kitty to take care of them. I’ve always been into focusing on the cause and without a doubt, I figured these two potential Dads were in need of my talents, and I had my work cut out for me – oh my gosh with two of them! So I figured it was the right time to put my sincere caring paws forward at the shelter and seal the deal. And when I heard them say they were looking to adopt a more mature cat, well I knew we were destined to be a threesome.

JUDI: Does one Dad do things different than the other Dad?
FRANKLIN WINSTON:By all means, as you know, no two cats nor humans are the same and either are my two dads. I’ve got the best of all worlds with Sam giving me great chin scratches and rubbing my tummy. And Ethan is the bestest playmate with all of my toys! He knows exactly what toy I want to bat around and when! I’ve worked on it and now I’ve got both of my Dads wrapped around my tail!

JUDI: You have a large San Francisco flat and it looks like everyone has their own space, but do you have a Dad that you slumber with or do you share your kitty cuddles with both of them throughout the night?
FRANKLIN WINSTON: I sleep most of the night on my overstuffed down comfy kitty bed in one of my Dads room and then when both Dads are catnapping deeply, I cat walk down the long hallway, making sure they’re both in a deep slumber, and then I proudly pounce upon my other Dads bed which is like a trampoline. Now this is great fun because it wakes him up! This normally will result in a little extra midnight snack if I play my paws just right!

JUDI: Whats it like being a Castro Cat? You’re in a great San Francisco neighborhood so tell me what you do all day when your Dads are at work. And do your Dads have different work schedules or are you home alone during the day.
FRANKLIN WINSTON: My days are very busy with my job: I’m the house watch cat so I breakfast early with Ethan Dad as he leaves when the sun is coming up (we live in fog land so we don’t see the sunrays every day!). Sam usually will pop in and out during the day en route to his meetings and well have brunch or lunch together (he always sneaks in a chin scratch and belly rub!) and then Sam Dad zips out the door saying Ill be back soon hold the house down. Then I lounge over looking our garden, bird watch a bit and get ready for my two Dads to come home again. Can life get any better than this? And I love being a Catstro Cat my neighborhood is vibrantly alive and makes me purr. And were famous here for “MILK” !

JUDI: What would you tell other cats the very best thing about having 2 Dads is?
FRANKLIN WINSTON: Double the attention and sometimes if I work it just right- double the food too! OK, the cats out of the bag, yes I play them both and I can be very convincing (or do you call it conniving?) that I am starving so more times than not, they both refill my bowl with my favorite snacks! My mature self is blessed being the sole house-cat caring for two Dads!

JUDI: Are you an advocate for mid life mature meowsters?
FRANKLIN WINSTON: But of course, my paws will continue to tout the benefits of being a two Dad cat but even one great parent is a gift. We middle aged felines can offer positive and immense attributes: if you just take a moment to access the situation and get to know an older cat the fabulous feline may be wiser, trained and ready to please YOU without you having to do all the training. Look at me! I’m undeniably a poster cat for mature felines! You see, you never ever want to give up on your dreams, at any age.

JUDI: The proof is in the purr and Franklin Winston was at the right place at the right time. But so were his two Dads when they specifically went to rescue a middle-aged adult cat–they knew it’s not always easy to find a home for an older feline. Franklin definitely doubled his fun and doubled his pleasure with two Dads, and I’m not convinced which of the three of them is the happier Something tells me they’re all purring.

Judi Basolo most recently starred with Guido on Meow Mix’s “Think Like a Cat” game show on the Game Show Network. Judi Basolo helps Guido the Italian Kitty publish “The Guido Gazette,” a weekly compendium of kitty fun. Subscribe here. Read the Cat’s Meow interview with Guido here.

Franklin Winston was photographed here by Mark Rogers (right, with Guido), voted San Francisco’s #1 Pet Photographer by readers of the San Francisco Chronicle and Mark is also Guido and Skeezix’s purrsunal photographer, and he is magic behind the camera. Check out his work!

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