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DIY: Make a Sweet Valentine’s Day Blanket for Your Kitty

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Image Credit: Roman Samsonov, Shutterstock
Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Catster Editorial Team

I regularly make very simple fleece blankets for the cats and dogs at the shelter where I volunteer. I head down to the fabric store and buy fleece remnants (usually 50 percent off!) to make them with. So, when I saw the adorable tied Valentine’s Day blanket our friend and Dogster contributor Samantha Meyers did in a recent issue, I just had to try one myself!

What you’ll need for the Valentine’s Day blanket

Measuring tape.
The yardage depends on the size of the blanket you’re going to make. Photography ©SvetaVo | Thinkstock.
  1. One to two colors of fleece (yardage depends on the size of the blanket you’re going to make)
  2. Scissors
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Cardstock or cardboard cut into a 5- by 5-inch square

Instructions for a Valentine’s Day blanket:

A tabby cat looking up.
A sweet fleece blanket is the perfect way to celebrate your kitty this Valentine’s Day. Photography ©WebSubstance | Thinkstock.
  1. First, determine the size you want. My finished blanket measured 28 by 35 inches and took 1 yard of fabric.
  2. Take your measurements, and add 10 inches to the size of your fleece to leave room for the fringe, then cut your fleece. You can either use the same design on each side or a contrasting color for one side.
  3. Line up both pieces of fabric so they’re back to back, with the right sides facing out.
  4. Put your cardstock piece in the corners and cut 5-inch squares out of each corner of both pieces. (This step helps prevent the fleece from bunching up in the corners and makes tying the fringe pieces easier.)
  5. Using the 5-inch cardboard as a guide, cut strips into the sides of your fabric 5 inches deep and about ½ to ¾ inches wide. (I used the width of my finger as a guide). Cut the strips all the way around all four sides, making sure to cut into both layers.
  6. With your fringe lined up, tie the two sides together with a knot. Continue all the way around the blanket, ensuring all knots are tight and secure.

Tell us: How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with your cats? What DIY items have you made for your cats?

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Featured Image Credit: Roman Samsonov, Shutterstock

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