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Dinosaur Cats Get Prehistoric Haircuts and Accessories

Wacky cat owners find innovative ways to make their kitties resemble the fearsome reptiles.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 2nd 2015

On a recent evening while I held court in my local bar the concept of dinosaur cats came up. Naturally, being that we’re all living in the smartphone era, the term was duly Googled to see whether such a thing exists.

The search results turned up what I’m going to confidently suggest is the most marvelous cat image I’ve seen all month. The kitty in question is a black cat who’s been shaved to resemble a stegosaurus, that peaceful plant-eating dinosaur.

Check out the photo evidence below — along with a peek into the secret world of dinosaur cats.

Behold the dino-cat!


Image via Instagram.

This striking picture is clearly the world’s best ever dino-cat. While I cannot envision a situation where I’d want to shave my own cat, Mimosa, the vibe here seems to be kooky rather than cruel. Also, that’s less fur to clean!

Beast from the east


Image via Instagram.

This light gray cat ushers in a new dimension to the world of dino-kitties, with the softer fur tones bringing to my mind some sort of sea-dwelling beast … although I admit I might be analyzing this all a little too much.

The ginger exception


Image via Instagram.

Weirdly, I really don’t think that our ginger-hued feline friends make for good dinosaurs. The look here is more Alf, that otherworldly kitty predator from the 1980s, rather than anything prehistoric.

Cats heart cardboard


Image via Instagram.

For those times when the idea of shaving your cat to resemble a dinosaur seems like just too much hassle, there is the alternative option of the cardboard cut-out kitty-saur. This tabby pulls off a very impressive tyrannosaurus rex impression.

Dinosaur styling


Image via Instagram.

Another fine alternative is to style the fur running along the ridge of your cat’s backbone into a “faux-hawk” style. The look definitely screams dino-power.

When cat meets dino


Image via Instagram.

For many years scientists and archaeologists have argued the pressing issue of whether dinosaurs and cats could happily coexist. I like to think this kittenish scamp answers that particular dilemma for the ages.

A green monster


Image via Instagram.

If Dr. Seuss were ever to include a dino-cat in one of his wacky tales, this green-dipped kitty is a shoo-in for a starring role. Probably don’t attempt this at home, okay?

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.