My “Differently Abled” Cat Is a Master at Revenge


As I sit here trying to type this article, my cat Moki begs to be let up on the couch. Unable to resist, I help him up. He could lie in the center or on the left side of the couch where there is plenty of room, but instead he chooses to lie right on my hand and across my keyboard, inhibiting my ability to type.

Moki knows exactly what he has accomplished. While his body might give him some troubles, his mind is sharp. Being differently abled doesn’t stop him. In fact, if anything, he has learned how to use his abilities to his advantage. He works them in such a way to constantly keep me on my toes.

You could say that Moki is disabled, but that wouldn’t quite describe him, and I’ll tell you why. Moki can’t run or jump. On most days, he wobbles more than he walks. Sometimes he falls over, but heaven forbid you actually try to pick him up to help him out. He is very independent, and despite being a quiet cat, he will let out a meow to show just how much he disapproves of your so-called help. He wants to figure out how to do things himself, and that might mean you have to let him struggle, but he has shown time and time again that he will figure it out. This includes figuring out ways to perfectly execute and carry out his revenge.

Moki is a cat who knows exactly how to get even. He may not be able to do it in the same way that a regular cat can, but he’ll always find a way that far exceeds the methods of revenge planned by most other cats.

Take the time that he didn’t want to go to the vet. It was during the spring, and I was suffering from a massive allergy attack so I couldn’t smell a thing. I was wearing a long sweater with huge open pockets that fell exactly at my hips, which happened to be the same height as the patient table at our vet’s office.

As Moki lay on the table waiting for his veterinarian and I to finish up talking, he decided that it would be a good time to go to the bathroom. After all, how better to get even with his vet than by pooping on his table? Of course, that wasn’t the only thing Moki had in mind. Before either the vet or I realized what had happened, Moki secretly and very strategically kicked a small piece of poo off the table and into my sweater pocket. Neither the vet or I noticed, and since I couldn’t smell a thing and the room already smelt like cat poo, we weren’t alerted to Moki’s little secret.

I dropped Moki at home and headed out to run a few errands. While shopping I couldn’t help but notice that several people were looking at me funny and keeping their distance. I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until much later when I got back to the house that I discovered Moki’s little secret. I had been running around all afternoon, grocery shopping and doing other errands, with a pocket full of poo!

If only that were the only time in which Moki used his poo to get even. On another occasion, Moki was slightly upset over having to get a bath. He had made a mess of himself and needed to be cleaned up. Of course, in his opinion, he should be allowed to get dirty as a boy cat. In my opinion, having cat poo caked into your fur goes beyond that of just getting dirty, so we battled it out. I won and Moki got his bath. As I was giving Moki his bath, I could see the little wheels turning in his head. He was plotting his revenge, but when, where, and how he would strike remained a mystery to me.

To help set the stage for the coming event, I need to fill you in on a few details about Moki. Moki can’t walk on tile surfaces, so in order to accommodate him there is a carpet runner which runs from my bedroom into the living room. This carpet runner allows Moki to come and go between the two rooms as he pleases, and in this particular case, it also served as the tool in which Moki used to carry out his revenge. (At this point, I should note that despite Moki’s different ability, he is fully aware of the location of his potty box.)

It was sometime around mid-afternoon the following day when it happened. I had spent most of the morning cleaning the house. Moki had wandered from room to room watching me in my endeavors. I had swept and mopped all the floors, including the tile floor located outside of Moki’s bedroom, so when I noticed that the carpet runner was slightly folded over, I didn’t think anything of it. Now that I look back on it, I must have simply assumed that after I had cleaned the floors I had haphazardly thrown the carpet runner back down on the ground for Moki. So without giving it much thought, I stepped down on the folded carpet runner, and poo swished out from between the folded carpet runner and my foot.

Moki had literally gone poo on the carpet runner and then used his back legs to kick it over and hide it!

At first I didn’t notice. I was wearing a pair of flip-flops. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I discovered that I had left a trail of poo footprints all over on my nicely cleaned floors. Hence Moki had yet again managed to successfully execute revenge against me. When I later found Moki, I swear he looked up at me with a look of great satisfaction on his face.

So, you see, Moki may not be able to walk very well, but he can and most certainly will use his back legs if he thinks that doing so will help him get even. For this and so many other reasons, I tend to think of Moki as a differently abled cat. I don’t call him disabled, because the truth is that he is not. Moki is perfectly abled, particularly when it comes to plotting and executing his revenge. He just chooses to do things in his own way.

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