Deputy Jade Maintains Law & Order in Texas


In Lumberton, Texas, there’s a three-legged green-eyed deputy who works harder than Barney Fife at maintaining law and order. Deputy Jade, we salute you!

By: Associated Press – Texarkana Gazette
LUMBERTON, TexasThose visiting the Lumberton Police Department are carefully evaluated by one member of the office staff.

The question in those big green eyes: Do you like cats?

If you do, Police Cat Jade might decide to give you some attention.

He knows who likes cats and who doesnt, Police Chief Danny Sullins said of the gray, three-legged cat who was adopted into the office about eight years ago.

The cat seems to sense even what people need.

I can have people walking into this office upset about something, and the cat will jump up on their lap, and their faces just change, Sullins said. Hes therapeutic.

The office staff dont know exactly what happened to Jade before they took him in, said secretary Linda Hunter, known around the office as Jades mom.

He was brought to them by an older woman who wanted then-Chief Norman Reynolds to have him euthanized because of the pain he was in with his right front leg mangled and partially missing.

The chief refused because of the expense and because the woman wasnt from Lumberton.

As she left, the kitten got away and jumped up into the engine of her car to hide.

So then Chief had to go in and pop the hood and get him out, Hunter said.

After that, the cat stayed.

They took him to the veterinarian to get his leg amputated, and hes been a fixture in the office ever since.

He listens for the doorbell and watches the front window to see who has come in.

He patrols the stairwell to the attic, hoping someone will let him investigate.

He stakes out Sullins desk, watching for potential laps to jump onto or a chance to get some pats from the chief.

His curiosity gets him in trouble at times, like the weekend he got stuck in the supply closet because no one realized he was in there when they closed up one Friday afternoon.

Thats probably why he has three legs, Sullins said with a laugh. Hes nosy. Anything we bring in thats new, hes all over it.

During one shift change, Jade heard the commotion and decided to see what was going on, Sullins said.

He opened the door and came face-to-face with Wolf, Sullins said, referring to his police dog who died several years ago. Wolf didnt like cats.

Luckily, the well-trained dog obeyed Sullins recall and the incident ended well.

Sullins said, seriously, Jade really does help out when people come in upset.

The police station is a place where people come with emotions running high, crying, he said. Their anger level will just come down.

The police officers benefit from Jades calming presence as well, he added.

The guys all know him and he goes back and visits with them, Sullins said. He does help with the stress around here.

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